Pregnancy Week 24


Pregnancy refers to the fertilization and development of an offspring, known as embryo or foetus in mother’s uterus. The duration of pregnancy is over a period of 9 months which is approximately 38 to 40 weeks. The developing offspring during its first 8 weeks is termed as embryo. Later on it is termed as foetus and this term is used until birth. The process of pregnancy occurs through various phases, the failure of any phase may disrupt or cause harm to the entire process of pregnancy. During fertilization, the egg is activated to enter its stage of development. The nuclei of the two gametes fuse in to form the genome of the offspring. Child birth is the period when the infant is born. It marks the beginning of new life for the infant and the countdown of his or her age commences hereafter.


The Bodily Changes and Symptoms that Determines the 24th Week of a Mother to Be


The baby grows and develops as day passes by and the development is brought about by the changes that occur inside the mother’s womb. The first feeling of the baby is understood by the mother herself; no one can understand the warmth and the excitement other than the mother.


 The Symptoms in the Mother


There are 26 pregnancy symptoms associated in the 24th week of pregnancy. These are listed below:


Bloating: The increasing uterus tends to exert intense pressure on the stomach and intestines causing it to bloat. This can be prevented by taking several small meals throughout the day rather than taking a big meal and putting pressure on the digestive system.



Increased Vaginal Discharge: The best way to deal with this is by taking bathes and keeping the region dry and clean.


Headaches: The only way to prevent this is by going for meditation, biofeedback, massage or yoga.


Occasional Forgetfulness: During pregnancy, some mothers tend to forget much information. This is normal. The best way to deal with this is by jotting down the list in a note book or PDA.


Diet Acts a Key Role


Daily basis iron consumption is an absolute must for the baby growth.


Exercise: Betterment of the Mother’s Health


A mother needs a healthy regime during this phase like any other phases of pregnancy. She needs to go for regular exercise, daily dose of fresh air and limiting fluids for hey body. If the baby perceives a bright spot or light near the mother’s belly, there might be an increase in the foetal activity inside the mother’s womb. If the mother feels that her sleep has been elusive then she can get rid of that by going for alternatives like breathing in fresh air, exercise and lot more. If the mother feels a kicking sensation inside her belly then it is actually her baby practising movements before it set foot on the world. Sometimes the foetus might land up with a good kick which can hurt the mother. The mother can tactically prevent so by stretching herself and allowing the baby to place the kick between the ribs internally. The mother might try other stretching positions also. The mother might also gently push the bay up in case it causes her jerks in her knees. Sometimes preeclampsia occurs which is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in urine. In such cases it is better to recommend a specialist.


Clothing at this Point of Pregnancy


The clothes are generally loose and are not synthetic and are free in the sense of comfort. In 13th week of pregnancy a women gets heavy or gain weight. Her stomach bulges out. She must avoid wearing jeans or tight fitting clothes during this week. Pregnant gowns or apparel which is loose as well as comfortable must be used by pregnant woman so that she can provide comfort to her child and herself. Such types of clothes are available in almost all corners of the world.


Skin Change Remains to Be a Common Factor of Motherhood


Stretch marks and skin changes are the commonest identification of a mother to be.


Vitamins and Supplements Required for the Mother



This is the phase when the growth of the baby is fast. The brain development also occurs at a steady rate. Therefore, ensuring the correct nutrition for the mother is very important. The balanced diet for the mother should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, grains and proteins, fibre rich foods comprising of whole grain breads and cereals. Lentils and brown rice contains vitamin B which tends to reduce constipation.  


Recommended Tests for the Following Symptoms


1. Clumsiness: Loosened joints, diverted centre of gravity, and increase in weight are factors that primarily cause clumsiness. Though this is temporary, but the mother needs to be careful from hurting herself.


2. Lower Abdominal Pain: The lower abdominal pains or growing pains can be reduced by trying stretching in every possible position.


3. Vision changes: Pregnancy hormones might reduce tear production which might cause irritation in eyes by drying up the eyes. In such cases, tear drops are the best. In case of serious vision problems one should visit the practitioner because this might result from diabetes or high blood pressure.


Medicines During the 24th Week


Medicines are generally avoided during this point of time as the embryo actually develops in growing phase and the medicines can have an adverse effect on the growth of the baby. But still in case of emergency homeopathic medicines are generally being subscribed. During this stage, the baby should be 14 inches that is almost equivalent ton35.6 centimetres if measured from top to toe. He should weigh a little more than 1.6 pounds or 760 grams. His eyes should start opening now. His response to sounds should grow consistent with the gradual development of the network between the nerves and the ears. He keeps on continuing his small breathing intakes. Even though he breathes in water inside the mother’s womb, it proves to be a helpful practice for him after his birth. Gradually, the network of the nerves in the baby’s ears gets better developed than before. Thus, the foetus becomes more sensitive.


Myths of the 24th Week of Pregnancy


Traditionally it is believed, pregnancy is divided into three significant stages which are: first trimester, second trimester and the third trimester. The first trimester poses highest risk of miscarriage of the foetus. The second trimester involves the developmental phase of the foetus. The growth of the foetus can be monitored and diagnosed during this stage. The third trimester starts with the ability of the foetus to survive outside the uterus without any medical help. Each trimester consists of three months. Week 13 to 28 of a pregnant woman is termed as second trimester.


Growth of the Baby in the 24th Week of Pregnancy


The foetus might now possess the ability to hear the voice of the mother and her partner as they interact with each other. The baby keeps on gulping amniotic fluids at regular intervals. This fluid is necessary for the development of lungs. These breathing movements prove to be helpful for him as a practice so that the foetus does not encounter any problem in its first intake of ait outside. The foetus keeps on gaining weight. It almost weighs a pound and two thirds. If the foetus is a boy, then his testicles might begin to descent towards his scrotum. This occurs within two or three days. The foetus keeps on growing stronger and bigger. His movements also get much more coordinated. It seems that he makes frequent movements inside the womb. These movements will help him when he gets outside.



Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy in 24th Week


1. The mother should continue to eat well and take plenty of rest for the development of her baby.


2. The blood pressure might increase even though it will be lesser than the one before pregnancy.


3. Sometimes there might be a little bit of aching feeling due to the stretching out and weakening of abdominal muscles, especially around pelvic muscles.


4. This loosens the ligaments and joints. Moreover, the mother keeps on gaining extra weight.


5. The antenatal classes should start sooner or later.


6. These classes would focus on providing information on child birth and on parenthood.


7. A mother should possess all the information pertaining to child birth.


8. She should possess clear information on this context.


Dad’s Role in the 24th Week of Pregnancy


The role of a father in any week of the pregnancy period is immense and as the father needs to stay by at every point of time. Though in recent days these concepts have changed considerably, but each and every father understands the worth of himself during the pregnancy period. So the current days offering are a lot different from the previous days but yet the vividness of the father’s absence at the doctors clinic is somewhat calmed by a close family relative.

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