Pregnancy Week 25


By this stage of your pregnancy, you’ll be feeling your baby moving in your belly. This is a wonderful feeling and makes all the discomfort that you’re also feeling seem miniscule and unimportant. All that matters to you is that your baby is healthy and that you’ll be seeing him very soon.


This is the period when your baby prepares to take his first breath. You’ll also be going through some more changes as well.


What You Go Through at 25th Weeks


This stage of your pregnancy is mainly filled with discomfort.


1. One of the most irritating pregnancy ailments is what you’ll be facing at this stage and that’s hemorrhoids. They’re not dangerous; however, they are extremely painful. You can avoid them by eating right, doing Kegel exercises and trying not to strain too hard while you’re in the bathroom.



2. This is a time when dental health is extremely important. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing can prevent gingivitis which is a condition in which you suffer from inflamed gums and they even begin to bleed at times. If untreated, gingivitis can become periodontitis, which is a serious teeth infection that can cause premature birth and even increases the risk of preeclampsia.


Pregnancy Symptoms that You’ll go Through During this Week


Let’s take a look at some things you’ll be going through at this stage of your pregnancy.


1. Heartburn and indigestion are common symptoms that pregnant women go through during the 25th week. Getting a mild medicine and keeping it handy so that you can relieve your heartburn as soon as possible is a good idea. 


2. Increased blood volume can cause swelling and this can put pressure on the nerves of your wrists, causing carpal tunnel syndrome. You can try acupuncture to get relief from the pain and the tingling sensation as well. You can also ask your doctor about wrist braces.



3. It’s not uncommon for women to snore during pregnancies. The increased blood flow to the mucous membrane in your nose causes congestion and then snoring. If it’s a severe case, you could be suffering sleep apnea so it would be wise to ask your doctor about it.


4. If you experience pain in your pelvic area, you could be suffering from Symphysis pubis dysfunction, better known as SPD. It’s caused by ligaments in your pelvic joint that have grown stretchy and relaxed. Kegel exercises and pelvic tilts will help you immensely. If these don’t help, seek the help of your doctor. He can refer you to a physical therapist to help you with your pain.


5. The increase in the blood volume during pregnancy can put pressure on your blood vessels and cause them to bulge. This results in varicose veins. You need to keep the blood circulating in your body so avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes.


6. Apart from the tingling sensation in your hands, you could experience tingling in your legs and a feeling of restlessness in them. This is known as the restless legs syndrome. Mild exercises can help. You could also ask your doctor to check if you have iron-deficiency anemia. There are many experts who think that these two have a connection.


7. During this time in your pregnancy, you’ll feel like you have thick and lustrous hair. This is due to the fact that the daily hair loss that we go through is suppressed by the pregnancy hormones. It won’t last very long so you should enjoy it while you can. Once you deliver your baby, you’ll shed all the hair that didn’t fall during the pregnancy.


What to Eat and What to Avoid


If your glucose challenge test (GCT) or glucose tolerance test (GTT) is positive, your doctor may recommend a specialized diet to help lower your blood sugar. If during your GCT or GTT your doctor identifies iron deficiency anemia, you may have to include more protein in your diet or take an iron supplement. Also, plenty of liquids can help with all of your pregnancy symptoms, including weight gain and edema.


Exercise Suggestions


Low-impact aerobics on the floor, walking, jogging, weight training with weights, and light stretching are safe types of exercises that you can do during your 25th week of pregnancy.


Clothes to Wear


At this stage in your pregnancy, your baby’s development is quite advanced. It’s important to wear maternity clothing or loose and comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your baby’s movement or his growth.


The Developments in Your Baby in the 25th Week of Your Pregnancy


Here are some of the developments that your baby has made in the past few months.


1. By this stage, your baby is almost 9 inches in length and weighs about a pound and a half.


2. Capillaries have started to form under his skin and they’re string to fill up with blood.


3. By the time your 25th week has ended, air sacs that are lined with capillaries will develop in his lungs, getting him ready to take his first breath.


4. Your baby’s tiny nostrils have been plugged up all this time. Now they start to open slowly.


5. His vocal chords are also developing, preparing him for his first cry.


6. His bones are becoming solid and his hands have now developed completely.


7. Your baby’s brain is growing rapidly at this stage and his brain cells are also starting to mature.8.


8. The nerves around your baby’s mouth and lip area start to show more sensitivity now. His swallowing reflexes also begin to develop now.


9. The inner ear bones have hardened so your baby’s hearing is now more acute. At this stage, babies are more sensitive to a deeper pitch so he may hear your partner’s voice more easily than he hears yours. 


A Few Things that You Should Keep in Mind


Here are a few things you should remember at this stage of your pregnancy.


1. Many mothers are tempted to take an ultrasound picture at this stage. They want to use it as a keepsake. However, no matter how badly you want this, it’s wise to remember that there are health concerns that need to be thought about. This procedure involves high frequency sounds to produce diagnostic images and this could do more harm than good to your baby. It is considered non-invasive; however the effects of a lengthy exposure to ultrasounds are still yet to be determined.



2. Regardless of whether you know the gender of your baby, this could be a good time to think of baby names. By this time, you and your partner may have already had discussions on the topic but it wouldn’t hurt to have a go-through again. It’s fun anyway, since sometimes you end up joking and come up with funny names that you would never give your baby.


Experts say that this is a good time for you to spend some quality with your partner. You could dedicate this week to him and spend romantic evenings and take long leisurely walks together. It’s extremely important for you to connect on a physical and emotional level at this stage. It is recommended that you spend time together and try to do something together once a week to show that you’re both still very important to each other. As the due date draws nearer, it’s important that you get closer as a couple as there’s going to be quite a lot of stress once the baby is born.


Tips For The Father-To-Be


This is a time in your partner’s pregnancy when she’s going through a lot of discomfort and stress. There are a few ways that you could make things a bit more comfortable for her. First, you could help around the house more. Get her to relax and do some of the things she usually does like washing and cleaning. Another thing that you could do for her that she’d really appreciate is to arrange for her to get a manicure or a pedicure. You could give her a treat at her favorite salon or you could give her one yourself. It’s not rocket science. All you need are a few supplies that anyone could help you with and you’ll be on your way to give her a surprise she’s sure to love. Little things can make her feel special and also take away some of the stress and fatigue she’s been feeling. 

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