Pregnancy Week 29

During the period of pregnancy a woman feels much change within her. As time passes changes occur such as tummy become larger than regular one, she feels hungrier, vomiting tendency grows and many more. These changes are both internal as well as external. As changes occur, the woman needs to take different care. There are many stages that woman come across, and all the stages are different with each other regarding the food habits, exercises, physical appearance and much more. So, when the baby grows in the womb, apart from the mother, the father is also expected to play important role in the better development of the baby.


It is being suggested that, every expecting mother should observe the entire stages one by one, so that she can take all the necessary precautions accordingly. On the basis of signs as well as symptoms of the pregnancy, it has been divided into three major trimesters. Even though, 36 weeks or nine months are the normal pregnancy period, still, in some cases delivery causes either on the 28th weeks or sometimes even less than that. Those deliveries are called as a premature delivery.


The third trimester is the 29th week. In this trimester the symptoms that is being observed is that, along with the growth of the fetus, the tummy of the mother will also start growing rapidly. An additional advice has been given to the enemy's mother that is, if they want to avoid going into clinical stress, they should have to take special food as much as they can.


Mother in the 29th Week of Pregnancy


1. When a woman conceives she is not confirmed until the third week, but in the 29th week you will start looking like pregnant. 3 or 4 inches is the extension of a pregnant woman's uterus above the belly button as well as 15 and 20 pounds is the weight that is being gained during the 29th week of pregnancy; these are some of the symptoms that you can feel within yourself. The expected weight the pregnant woman need to join with each week is around one to two pounds.




2. During the 29th week as compared to the other weeks a pregnant woman needs to takehealthy as well as nutritious food, as, this week the baby develops its bone completely as well as their stars developing REM. As much as healthy as well as nutritious food will be taken by the pregnant woman, more and more nutritional demands of the baby will be fulfilled. Fish, grains, lean meats, iron, vitamin C, eggs, folic acid, legumes as well as cheese is the essential proteins that need to be taken by the expecting woman. To provide good amount of calcium for the baby, so that the bones of the baby become strong, drinking of milk and orange juice in large amount is very essential.


3. To avoid the stresses that you might overcome during the pregnancy period, doing of exercise can be the best choice for you to be stress free. Apart from your normal life, during your pregnancy, also you need to keep yourself fit as well as healthy. Staying in shape, lesser the risk of miscarriage and reduce in the labor time are the advantages of doing exercise. As it is a very complex stage the expected woman need to contact the doctor for getting the guideline about the kind of exercise they need to do. The exercises that are being performed during pregnancy are different from the regular one.


29th Week Old Baby Inside the Womb


Along with the internal as well as external changes that a woman feels is all due to the developments that are happening to the baby. Just like the changes in the woman the internal as well as the external feature of a baby also change. At the 29th week of the pregnancy, the weight of the baby increases up to 2.5 pounds, this is considered to be the normal weight growth. Sometimes, depending upon the body habit as well as the care that are being taken by the woman, it might be different. In some cases the weight of the baby can be either overweight or underweight.


Along with the growth in the weight, the height of the baby also keeps on changing. In the 29 week the height of the baby from head to heel increase 15 inches. Few changes that can be observed in the development of the baby are as follows:


1. The head of the baby grows larger, it happens because, billions of neurons are formed by the developing brain of the baby every day.


2. Starting from this period, the baby starts getting covered in the body fat pack. In the 29th week, the bone of the baby is formed completely. Even though the bones are developed completely, still they are pliable as well as soft.


3. Here, the baby starts developing rapid-eye-movement in short REM.


Any Other Preparation


1. It is the responsibility of the mother to take from time to time concealing from the concern doctor. Always feel free to talk with the doctor as he will be your guide for the entire process of pregnancy.


2. When a woman enters the second trimester, now they need to monitor all the changes in weekly basis, as the trimesters are divided week wise. Most essentially, treatment is based on such changes that an expecting woman monitor.




The expecting mother needs to take proper rest as well needs to keep herself happy. These small things effect on the development of the growing baby. They should not be overburdened with work.




At this trimester, the expecting mother needs to avoid caffeine containing food stuff such as coffee. The expecting mother needs to keep herself stress free as, stress can affect on the development of the baby. Rather than heavy food they need to take light food.




At this stage as the developments are enhancing very fast, few unexpected behavior can be seen in the expectant woman, those situations needs to be handled by the father in a very proper as well as casual manner. Even though the behavior is unexpected but they are common with the woman of this stage. Rather than getting anxious, they need to handle every situation in a mature way.



When a woman is expecting, even though it is her responsibility to take proper care of her baby such as the taking of nutritious and healthy food, drinking of water and milk in large amount, performing exercises, taking of medicine on time and many more duties are there that she needs to fulfill. But, at the same time, along with her the father of the baby also plays a very important role regarding the better growth of the baby.


If a man has the habit of smoking and drinking they need to avoid such bad habits as it will hamper the health of the baby. It is the responsibility of the father to take every necessary care of the baby's mother. The most important point that needs to be taken care of is the avoiding of argument. At this point it is the responsibility of the couple as it is caused between minimum two people.

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Well when I was 17w2d my ultrasound tech told me my baby was 8oz. That is alsomt double what it should be according to alsomt all websites. So either she is off, or I'm having a big baby! I m now 20w today and my uterus is about 2 inches above my belly button.
by Kemal     28-May-2012

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