Pregnancy Week 31


It is quite an enjoyable moment for the mother when she is pregnant. But it has to be kept in mind that special care has to be taken of the mother. She should take complete rest and strictly avoid heavy work. Every parent wants their child to be born healthy. Most of the development of the child takes place when he/she is inside the mother’s womb. So, if the mother is taken care properly then a healthy child will be born. It’s better to maintain a pregnancy calendar. This will help to keep track of what to do and what not to do. The child starts developing from the 1st week of the Trimesters and is fully develop on the 40th week of the Trimesters. The child is born between the 38th week and the 42nd week.


Bodily Changes During 31st Week of Pregnancy



Stretching is therefore the only possible way to get rid of this problem. Faintness or dizziness is caused due to the irregular amount in the flow of blood to the brain. Hemorrhoids may also occur during this phase. This may cause pain in the rear. Leg cramps also occur during this period due to loosening of joints and muscles. Constipation is another symptom caused by the enlarged uterus which in turn causes the abdominal cavity to cramps the bowels.


Diet and its Vitality During 31st Week of Pregnancy


A well balanced diet with a mixture of every minerals and vitamins is what is recommended during pregnancy.


Exercise During 31st Week of Pregnancy


Following a routine with a proper chart of gyming regimen during the 31st week of pregnancy.


Clothing During 31st Week of Pregnancy


The clothing needs to be determined by the husband as he can well understand the situation and needs. It is up to the husband to keep his wife happy at this moment. He should take care of all the matters regarding the diet chart, medicines of his wife. His presence creates a lot of difference. It is believed that this is the time when an invisible bond develops between the child and the father. The husband has to take care of some important things like getting the necessary information where the child will be born.


The Excitement of the 31st Week as the New Born is to Come and the Changes of Skin


Sometimes during this time when the pain becomes quite unbearable the mother becomes quite tense. This should not happen because panic inversely affects the child. If possible suggestion of the doctor should be properly taken. Other than this there is an environment of constant happiness in the family. The likes and dislikes of the mother should be taken care of. There should be no sign of stress on the mother other than the birth of the child. So, we can see that the surrounding people play a great role in the development of the child.


Skin change rapidly during this period of time and such many times can make the other people understand whether it will be a baby boy or a girl.


Recommended Vitamins and Minerals During 31st Week of Pregnancy


Vitamins and among them iron remains to be an absolute necessary within the body of the female who is carrying the baby. Along with it a balanced diet would also commence the fitness of the mother to-be.


It is to be remembered that for a healthy child it’s quite important to take care of the mother. Whatever the mother takes in indirectly goes into the body of the child. In the 31st week the mother needs to get a thorough check up of herself. This will help to know whether the child is healthy or not. The family doctor or the midwife will make the diet chart of the mother. Sometimes the doctor tells to get some tests done.


Recommended Tests for 31st Week Pregnant Mother



A doctor might suggest a maternity corset. Though it is not comfortable regarding the style but helps to reduce the back pain to certain extent. As the baby grows strong day by day the pressure on the abdomen grows with time. More over the weight of the baby creates a certain discomfort in the mother. A burning sensation can occur along with leg cramps. It depends upon the mother if she can tolerate the pain or not. But the pain of giving birth vanishes once the baby is born. Just think about the pain a mother has to suffer from!


The Medicines to be Followed


The medicines are very important. This is because the labor pain might increase and it might become unbearable for the mother.  The doctor should be kept informed about the condition of the mother. More importantly the diet is very important.


Interesting Myths and Facts About Pregnancy


Very few people give birth to the child on the due date. The 31st week of pregnancy is quite an important period in the pregnancy calendar. Usually the total pregnancy period is about 40 weeks. So we can see that the mother might suffer from frequent pains at the 31st period. The bulge in the stomach is clearly visible. As it is the 31st week of pregnancy and the child has quite grown up, there might be hardly any movement in the child inside the womb. This is because there is no room in the uterus for the baby to move. As long as the mother feels a slight discomfort, twist in the stomach there is nothing to worry about or panic.


Growth of the Baby During the 31st Week



When the development first started it was a small developing fetus. But now the baby looks like a complete newborn. The legs and the hands are nearly developed. They have become proportion to that of the head. The baby weighs about 3.3 pounds i.e. nearly 1.5 kilograms. It measures around 16 inches i.e. 41 centimeters from the head to the tip of the toe. As the skin is quite developed it is no longer red in color. It has developed a slight pinkish tint. At this point of time fat has also developed on the baby’s cheek. The powerful sucking muscles contribute to the baby’s full grown face. The weight of the baby is nearly 6 pounds i.e. 2,721 grams. The organs of the baby keep on passing water to the urinary bladder of the mother. This helps it to reject the excess water and also helps in excretion. The finger nails starts growing and nearly reaches the ends. Inside the womb all the bones along with the skull of the baby overlaps one another. Sometimes during birth it is seen that the head is of a different shape, might be pointed shaped. This helps at the time of delivery. The head comes to normal shape after a few hours or a few days.


Do’s And Don’ts




1. This is done to see the condition of the cervix.


2. Until the baby has not shifted to the pelvis a breathless felling persists in the mother.


3. Every now and then she becomes tired.


4. The breathlessness occurs because the baby has quite grown up inside the uterus.


5. So the size of the baby keeps on pressing the diaphragm. 


6. Only relaxing can bring some relief to the mother.




1. This will bring about development not only in the mother but also in the child.


2. Sometimes the big bump in the tummy gives an unwanted backache.


3. To remain fit special care should be taking regarding these issues.


4. In many of the cases a woman might find it difficult to walk properly.


Role of the Dad to be During 31st Week



Most of the people start reading different pregnancy books, magazines etc. But it should be always kept in mind that doctor comes above all. His directions should me followed properly. This is the time for doing the necessary things before the child is born. Other than that the mother should start the preparation for the next week that is coming ahead. With the help of the ultrasound it can be predicted whether it will be a twin or singleton. It also tells whether the child will be born health or with certain defects. This helps the parents in the long run after the child is born. It gives a total satisfaction both to the mother and also to the family members. 

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