Pregnancy Week 32


Pregnancy is the term used to refer to the entire process of fertilization and development of an offspring inside mother’s uterus. The growing offspring inside the mother’s womb is known as embryo or foetus. The offspring is termed as embryo during its first 8 weeks. After that it is assigned the name foetus. This term remains till the child birth. Pregnancy occurs for a span of over 9 months that can be expressed in terms of 38 to 40 weeks. Pregnancy proves to be a tough phase for the mother. Typically, pregnancy is sub divided into three important phases. The three phases are: the first trimester, the second trimester, and the third trimester. The first trimester involves the maximum risk of miscarriage and others. The second phase is primarily the development phase of the foetus. It is also during this stage that all possible monitoring, diagnosing is done. This is the phase where everything pertaining to the development of the foetus can be managed before it causes any further problem in the next stage.


The Needs of a Mother During 32nd Week of Pregnancy



At this point of pregnancy, the mother needs healthy food and complete rest. Many physiological changes are observed in the body of the mother. Many women tend to feel breathless due to the pressure exerted by the increasing abdomen on the diaphragm. The mother might also encounter heart burn and headaches. This might cause her to be in distress. There might be a spurt in the amount of blood flowing causing in aching pains to the mother. The blood circulation will be forty to fifty percent. There will be an increase in the abdomen or tummy.


Myths During 32nd Week of Pregnancy


The belly will be growing bigger. The higher or lower position of the body depends on the position of the baby in the belly. The mother feels an adorable happiness inside and almost feels like the baby smiling to her. The lungs and the nervous system of the baby are quite matured. It now possesses the ability to perceive the sounds, bright spots, voices etc. The baby is all ready to step into the world outside. She is almost like a new born. The mother should be very careful during this stage. Sometimes the mother tends to become sluggish and become clumsy.



The 32nd week of pregnancy falls under the category of the third trimester. And our point of discussion is the important occurrences that should be noticed during this period. The baby is growing fast and is almost 4 pounds and almost 19 inches. Her movements keep on increasing inside the mother’s womb as she tries every possible movement before she makes debut on this world.  She tries everything from sucking to breathing to kicking. For the time being she restores to sucking her thumb. Also as the foetus gains in more of weight she becomes less transparent and more opaque. Her skeleton is fully formed even though her bones are still soft. The baby may gear itself up for the labour position, with her head downwards and bottoms up.


Essential Medicines During the 32nd Week


If the pregnant takes any chemical for some problem, it may cause a problem to thefoetus. The medicines for cold should not be taken without the advice of the doctor. Only themedicines which are prescribed by the doctor and the supplements in correct does should be consumed.Mothers should not use hair dyes as the synthetic colours will directly affect the foetus andmay cause birth defects. The medicines taken also should be according to the advice of thedoctor. The foetus is very small to tolerate any chemical changes. So the mother has to be very careful when she is consuming any medicines.


Recommended Vitamins and Nutrition for 32nd Week


Since the baby is growing at a steady rate, the mother should always eat foods which are healthy. The mother should go for balanced meals and drink plenty of fluids. Junk food should be avoided. The mother should go on for a balance diet containing fibre, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Many women join pregnancy brigade in theory min 40 or 50. The mother should go on for regular exercises. She should also breathe in fresh air and go for meditation and yoga. The mother is expected to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep her digestive system clean. The mother should take food compliments consisting of folic acid, iron and calcium.


Clothing and Other Vital Aspects


Since the child birth is almost near it high time to prepare things before getting admitted to a hospital. The uterus should be of the same size as it should be in week number 40 of pregnancy. Before getting admitted to the hospital, the mother must note down all the handy numbers to serve her requirements as and when needed. The mother should keep things in place like cribs, cots, car seats and basinets. Apart from this there occurs an increased chance of getting a child with genetic abnormality. There is also risk in caesarean mow of child birth. Increased maternal age causes gestational diabetes, low lying placenta and premature rebirths.


Symptoms of 32nd Week Upon Mother’s Health



Bloating which causes the increase in abdominal cavity to bloat the stomach and small intestines. Stretching is therefore the only possible way to get rid of this problem. Faintness or dizziness is caused due to the irregular amount in the flow of blood to the brain. Haemorrhoids may also occur during this phase. This may cause pain in the rear. Leg cramps also occur during this period due to loosening of joints and muscles. Constipation is another symptom caused by the enlarged uterus which in turn causes the abdominal cavity to cramps the bowels.


Recommended Tests for the Following Symptoms


1. Lack of magnesium and calcium may be the primary reason for this. Itchy abdomen is another symptom for this.


2. This can be reduced by applying moisturizer and keeping the region dry.


3. Another symptom is enlarged breasts and colostrum.


4. The breasts get larger and let out yellowish fluid called colostrum.


5. This milk is packed with proteins and antibodies which the baby will get.



Growth of the Baby



The foetus weighs 3.75 pounds or 1.7 kilograms. The foetus measures 17inches or 42 centimetres from head to toe. His lungs are not fully developed. The lungs develop fully just before birth. However, the foetus keeps on taking in amniotic fluids regularly for keeping the practice of breathing inside water. This helps the foetus in having no problem when it first breathes in the air. Some babies develop thin hair which covers their body. If the baby is a boy then his testicles must be descending from his abdomen towards the scrotum within days of one or two.


Do’s Aad Don’ts of 32nd Week of Pregnancy


1. The mother needs to be careful so that there is no miscarriage or any other thing that might lead to failure Pregnancy consists of several steps, each of which is equally important.


2. Any interruption may lead to the failure of the entire process. Child birth is the term used to refer to the time of the birth of the infant. It is the commencement of an infant’s life.


3. During the process of fertilization the egg is activated to make it enter its development stage.


4. The mother should be taken for check-ups to check the placement of the baby on the correct track.


5. Several prenatal tools are present that check for the proper positioning of the baby.


6. One these are 3D ultra image. Hence the mother can get a view of her child.


Role of Dad /Partner


The partner should take care of the mother of the child and ensure the safety of the baby. He should provide the mother with all the necessary things she needs. The mother must be taken well care of. She should do much less work and take plenty of rest. In some strange cases, the father tends to put on weight.

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