Pregnancy Week 33


Among all the four trimesters, 33rd week of pregnancy is included in the third trimester. In this trimester many changes can be seen within you as well as in your baby. Now, as the expecting mother has already completed two trimesters, she can now have grown the capability to take care of herself in many situations. As the baby develops you feel weightier. You can carry on with your regular works just like the way you are doing till now but slowly. Just like the previous weeks now also you need to take as much as nutritious and healthy food you can.


Mother-to-be During 33rd Week of Pregnancy


When a pregnant woman reaches this point of pregnancy, virtually two pints of amniotic fluid are being developed in the uterus. So, it will be 5 inches above your navel. The weight that would be gained by the expecting mother at this stage will be increased to 28 pounds. The weight that is being put on by the expecting mother is only due to the growth in the baby, so if the weight increases even rapidly also they should not get panic as it is normal. Up to 5-9 ounces a baby’s weight can be increased every week, so the weight of the expecting mother will also increase in the same manner.


An expecting mother can feel edema or swelling as she passes every week. For minimizing swelling the best way that you can do is take rest as much as you can. In the fingers and wrist pain, numbness as well as tingling can be experienced by the 33rd week of the expecting mother. As the growth goes the baby is much more at this stage as compared to the previous stages the expecting mother need to take as much as the food she can as the growth of the baby depends upon the mother’s food. 


It is very common that when an expecting woman reaches the 33rd week she will face some issues such as back pain as well as leg discomfort, it happens due to the rapid growth in the weight of the baby. In order to come over from such uninterrupted situation some of the advices that will be beneficial for you have been listed below:



1. The best way to keep the health of the expecting mother is by walking, as much as you walk it will be more beneficial for the bay, the best time to walk is after having lunch.


2. Try to do exercises on regularly bases as it can keep you body fit as well as it can also helps the baby to develop in a more better way.


3. Have those foods in large number that can increase the intake of calcium.


4. An expecting mother should keep her leg elevated when she is lying down.


Baby in the 33rd Week


When the baby develops until this stage it starts developing faster than the previous weeks , as a result of these billions of neurons are being developed in the brain of the baby. Now the baby develops the quality like now it can listen, feel and even it can also see somewhat. The baby was sleeping for most of the time. During the 33rd week of pregnancy the lung of the baby gets matured completely. For protecting as well as for providing warmth the fat is being deposited in the baby’s body. In this trimester the main aim of the baby is to gain as much as weight it can.


At this week the weight of the baby is around 4-1/2 pounds on the other hand, the height of the growth of the baby gets completed at this week; it is measured to be 12-1/2 inches. In this week the baby learns to adjust their light with the bright or dim light. Now, the kicks of the baby can feel more comfortable. As the baby grows very rapidly in this week to need to take the necessary care as it is very near to your delivery. The finger nails of the baby reach the tips of its fingers.


Any Other Preparation


When an expecting woman comes to the 33r week of pregnancy it means delivery can be happen at any moment of time, it might be before the estimated date or after it or even it might be on the due date. The most important thing that you need to do is that rush to the hospital soon. As you cannot assure about the date of delivery so it is being suggested that in the hospital make an advance reservation. If you do so you will not face any kind of unpleasant situations at the last moment of your delivery.




For giving birth to a normal baby few things need to be done by the expecting mother at every developing week. During this week as the baby develops its weight very rapidly few unwanted changes can be observed in the expecting mother such as swelling. Some of the general suggestions have been given below that need to be followed at the 33rd week of pregnancy by every expecting mother. If the expecting mother do such kind of things than along with her it is also beneficial for the growth of the baby.  These are:


1. Sleep on the Left Side:  The blood circulation increases by sleeping on the left side, so it is being suggested that if you an expecting woman and you have reach 33rd week of pregnancy always roll to the left side when you will go to sleep.


2. Evaluating Birthing Option: breathing techniques, epidurals and pain relief medications are some of the ways by which an expecting woman can get rid of pain that she suffers during child birth.




Being the mother of the new born baby it is her responsibility to protect the baby from every situation that might affect baby. so, there are many things that need to be performed and many are there that should not be performed by the expecting woman for the betterment of the baby. Especially when an expecting woman reaches the final trimester she needs to be more careful at this point of time. For your convenience some of the suggestions have been listed below:


1. It is being suggested that expecting woman should not keep on sitting or standing in the same position for long period of time.


2. Avoid carrying heavy as well as huge things such as buckets filled with water.


3. Try to avoid those places that are rushed with people, as getting pushed by someone can be dangerous for you as well as for your baby.


Dad To Be


At the time of pregnancy as like the mother the dad also plays few vital roles for the development of the baby. Just like the mother and the baby, the duties of the dad are also different in every week. Based on the week of the pregnancy the responsibilities of the dad have also being divided. At the third trimester’s 33rd week of pregnancy it is being expected that being the dad of the baby the father needs to help the mother so that she can cope up with the problems that she might face at this week.


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