Pregnancy Week 34


The thirty fourth week of pregnancy is basically in the last phases of the pregnancy phenomenon. This week is characterized by a number of features both in the mother as well the baby which are as follows:


Mother to Be in 34th Week


Petite Womb: During the thirty fourth week of pregnancy the size of the uterus is around six inches. This week is characterized by a petite structure of the womb that makes the mother skeptical about the normal delivery of the baby. There have been many situations where the mother with petite womb has been able to deliver a baby of even eight pounds. Sometimes the women who are giving birth for the first time may feel that the baby head is reaching the birth canal during the later phase of the thirty third weeks. As a result the mother finds it easier to breathe due to the presence of a lot space inside the womb. As the baby’s head reach the birth canal a pressure is felt in the vagina and if this pressure is of significant magnitude then a doctor must immediately be consulted.


Urinary Discharge During 34th Week of Pregnancy: Urine leakage is one of the major symptoms that are observed within the mother during the thirty fourth week. This leakage occurs in a very small amount owing to the pressure imparted on the urinary bladder by the uterus during sneezing or laughing. So in order to deal with these situations the urinary bladder should be tried to keep empty by avoiding fruit juices or carbonated drinks. These drinks cause irritation in the bladder and eventually are responsible for urine leakage. If the problem of urine leakage persist, it is mandatory for the mother to switch over to panty liners for wearing.


Streptococcal Test During 34th Week of Pregnancy During the thirty fourth week of pregnancy, the doctor may suggest a test for determining the presence of bacteria known as the Group B Streptococcus which resides within the vaginal tract. This strain of bacteria is not harmful for the mother but its presence is essential to be identified as it may infect the baby with the disease called pneumonia (caused by Streptococcus pneumonia). If this particular strain is identified within the vaginal tract, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics which would reduce the harmful effects of this bacterium.



Food Habits of Mother-to-Be: Food habit of the mother plays an important role in the development of the baby. The mother now develops different kinds of taste due to need of the calories by the body for the growth of the baby. The mother should eat food like fresh vegetables, fruits, food containing high amount of protein and low amount of fat. Deeply fried foods are strictly not recommended. The mother should have foods containing minerals like iron. This iron is highly useful for the development of the brain of the baby. So the mother should always have a balanced diet during pregnancy.


Get Prepared for Labor:  The labor will arrive within a couple of weeks, so it is important to know the symptoms of labor. The symptoms of labor vary from woman to woman. It is characterized by back pain, menstrual muscle cramp, discharge of amniotic fluid, discharge of blood – tinge mucous etc. Premature delivery is quite a familiar phenomenon that is observed during the later phases of the thirty third weeks.



Exercise During Pregnancy: Exercises are very important during pregnancy. A mother should be careful of her movements. This is because any sudden jerk may cause severe damage to the development of the baby. The generally recommended exercises are sit-ups, arm stretch etc. However it is advisable that a physician should be consulted before carrying out any such exercises.


Light Colored Clothing: Clothing should be light coloured and loose garments must be chosen.


Baby Entering the 34th Week



The size of the baby is around eighteen inches and weighs about five pounds during the thirty fourth weeks.  During this time the lungs of the baby develops fully and the central nervous system is still in the course of the development. If the baby is a boy the testicles starts descending from the abdomen and gets confined to the scrotal sac. There are chances of early delivery during the thirty third week. The premature delivery is characterized by the size of the baby about seventeen and half inches and weighs about five pounds normally. After premature delivery the baby is able to continue its life without any medical assistance. However the baby may need proper ventilation with adequate oxygen supply during the first few weeks of natality. This period is one of the most crucial periods when the baby utilizes the calcium of the mother’s body for strengthening its bones.  During this phase the baby starts moving to the vaginal tract of the uterus and starts preparing itself for birth. In other words this period may be termed as the finishing of the baby’s birth.


Any Other Preparation


There are chances of the tearing in the muscle of the vaginal tract during child birth which generally overcome by the release of certain child birth hormones within the mother’s body. However, there needs to be a pre-stimulation for secreting the child birth hormone. This hormone stimulation process is accomplished by perineal massage. This particular massage is suggested by the doctor and applied to the mother’s body so as to prepare her for labor. This perineal massage is considered to be a substitute for the process of episiotomy which is suggested by the physician on proper examination of the position of the baby body within the womb.


During this phase additional preparation of hospitalization should be made. This is because sometimes there are chances of premature delivery as stated earlier.




1. Eat light food.


2. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be a part of regular diet.


3. Iron containing food is essential for brain development of the baby.


4. Calcium based food is necessary for development of the baby’s bones.


4. Proper exercises according to the physician’s advice.


5. Should be careful while moving.


6. Exercises should be done regularly after consultation with the physician.




1. Should not eat fried and spicy food during pregnancy.


2. Do not drink coffee as caffeine hampers foetal development.


3. Pain killers to mitigate headaches should be avoided.


4. Do not smoke during pregnancy. This because the nicotine particles diffuse in the mother’s blood stream, that flows into the baby through the placenta. The nicotine hampers the respiratory organs of the baby and shows profound harmful effects on the foetal development.


5. Abrupt movements are strictly prohibited during pregnancy.


Role of Dad to Be During 34th Week of Pregnancy


Firstly the dads who smoke should not smoke in front of the mother as the mother due passive smoking may transfer the nicotine to the baby’s blood that may damage the baby respiratory system right before the birth. Dads should be the most caring about their wife and must be well acquainted with the appointments of specialist doctors. He must also make proper arrangement for immediate hospitalization in case of incidental labor pain. Dads should be in track within the symptoms that are visible within the mother and should have frequent consultation with the doctor that he has chosen for his child, if any abnormalities persist. He should make proper hospitalization arrangement for the mother to handle any kind of emergency situations.

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