Pregnancy Week 39


Every married woman wishes to become a mother in life. But she has to undergo a lot of pain. Sometimes the child or the mother dies. But modern day technologies have made childbirth quite simpler. Some prefer cesarean operation while some prefer normal delivery. But the pain is totally neutralized when the child is born. For this the mother has to follow certain rules and regulations. These rules have to be followed by her from the 1st day of pregnancy to the last week, till the child is born. So a proper pregnancy chart has to be followed. In fact this pregnancy chart is very useful to the mother.  Different pregnancy tests show how the child is growing. This is quite helpful because it shows whether the child is healthy or not. Moreover a proper diet chart is also to be maintained.


The Symptoms of Pregnancy Discomforts in 39th Week Pregnant Mother


Now the baby is fully grown in the mother’s womb. In the 39th week of pregnancy the average size of the baby is nearly 20.5 inches or 51 centimeters. The length is from top to the tip of the toe. The weight of the baby is nearly 3.4 kg. But the weight is an approximate weight. The weight varies from child to child. Sometimes the amniotic fluid comes out of the vagina. This may be the case in some women. It is nearly pale yellow in color. As the baby’s skin is properly formed so the color changes from pink to pale yellow. The nails are also well formed. The umbilical cord sometimes gets rounded by the neck. This is the time when it becomes quite difficult for the doctor to remove it, if it’s a cesarean operation. In case of normal delivery it is easily removed. The head of the baby gets perfectly placed near the opening. It gives a constant pressure on the opening. This is when the labor pain increases. If still there is problem in coming out, external pressure has to be applied from outside. 


The pain increases as time passes by. If the baby doesn’t come out of the opening it becomes more painful for the mother. But still she bears the pain for her child.


Diet in its Vitality


Pregnancy carries very much vitality over the diet plan of the mother-to-be.  So balanced diet is an absolute necessary for the mother.



Exercise and its Effect


The health of the baby and the mother both depends on the routine exercise taken regularly while in pregnancy.


Clothes to Wear According to Skin Changes


The most important precaution is hygiene. Both the mother and the child is week. Any kind of unhygienic conditions can make the child and the mother severely ill. All the baby kits should be ready by this time. Doctors should be consulted over and over again. This helps to know more about the conditions that are yet to come.

The Changes in the Shape and Size and Skin of the Body of the Mother


The 39th week of pregnancy is a very crucial period for a mother. This is the time when the child must be born. Otherwise it might become very risky both for the mother and also for the child. Sometimes the mother becomes very impatient. So the main D-Day is the 39th week of pregnancy. The child may be born in any time of the week. Different women give birth to babies at different period of time. For the Asian people it is sometimes beyond the 40th week. So the doctors have to induce labor pain in the mother. This is done deliberately so that the baby is born. Otherwise it becomes too risky for the mother and also for the baby. Generally the due date given by the doctor is either the 39th week or the 40th week. But again it depends upon the health of the mother. It is decided by the doctor. If her health permits the delivery might go into the 40th week. But generally doctors prefer the 39th week.


Recommended Tests


It is during this time that the female is advised to be under a strict supervision of the doctor. Sugar level, pressure level and quite other few tests of bloods are continued so as to keep the baby in his/her healthy condition.


Perfect Proteins and Vitamins for Mother


During the birth of the child the mother breaks more and more water. More and more amniotic fluid is released till the child is born. Sometimes the due date given by the doctor is over and the child is still not born. This is the time when the mother gets panicked. But it is to be remembered that the date given by the doctor is purely of guess work. Only in a very few cases the child is born on the due date. In most of the cases the child is born after the due date.


Prescribed Medicines


At times it is seen that the mothers stays sensitive to several of the medicines that are generally prescribed to her. Since this period of time stays to be very crucial, it is advisable to take care of the medicine she consumes as any discrepancy in this case may hurt the health of the innocent child staying happily in the warmth of her womb.




If a cesarean operation is very necessary, a neonatologist should be present. The child should be properly examined. The neonatologist should see whether the child is responding properly to the environment or not. Other than this proper care should be taken of the mother as well. If she’s still weak after weeks of the birth of the child it is a clear indication that she should be placed under medication. She should be completely under bed rest and only care about the child. All the house hold chores should be taken care of by the other house members.


Baby Growth



It is advisable for the mother not to get panic. It adversely affects their health. It is a common situation faced by the doctors faced during child birth. In spite of the manual pushing still there is trouble in bringing the child out of the womb. So, the doctor tries to catch hold of the head with the help of some suction instrument. With the help of this they bring out the child safely. When the baby is out of the womb the head seems to be of different shape. It might be narrow. This helps the child to get smoothly out of the opening. After a few days it will return to its normal shape.


Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy


But the immunization is effective only for a very few months approx 6 to 12 months. After that the body becomes quite capable of fighting the diseases. Another point that has to be remembered is that the normal delivery should be preferred over cesarean operation. This is because the small amount of acid that is present near the opening makes the child stronger. It also makes the child protective against diseases.


Role of the Dad To-Be During 39th Week of Pregnancy


It is the responsibility of the father to get his wife admitted to a hospital at the right time. The father has to be more cautious in the 39 week of pregnancy of his wife. Any time during this period the labor pain might become intense. All the preparations should be ready at hand. The friends and relatives should also be informed. They might come in handy. Proper consultations should be done with the doctor. Other than this the father should be always beside the wife. As the wife has to suffer from intense pain, it might be quite helpful in make her feel that he is always beside her. This gives the wife some bit of assurance and relief. 

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