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It is sure that a pregnant woman has to undergo various stages and problems during their pregnancy period. Most of the women will have a thousand queries and issues. For them, this article will be a perfect guide and can provide you many advices and tips to keep yourself happy. Being pregnancy is something very important and the best experience for a woman. In spite of all the sicknesses and problems woman consider pregnancy as bliss. It is during this period one has to take more care and concern. There are many things that a woman has to be aware during her pregnancy period it not only benefits only you but also your cute little baby.


Early Weeks of Pregnancy


Symptoms & Bodily Changes


The main symptom which is easy to confirm your pregnancy is the missed periods. If you are preparing yourself to be pregnant you should be well familiar with the symptoms of pregnancy. Once if you have missed periods you can clearly choose a home pregnancy test. This will really help you to confirm your pregnancy in the earlier stage itself. Once if your pregnancy is confirmed it is good to consult a gynecologist. This will help you to confirm your pregnancy and will help you out to trace if there is any abnormalities. During the early weeks of pregnancy you can experience various other symptoms like tenderness of breasts, fatigue, and tiredness.



Among the various body changes the morning sickness is the most fearful symptom of pregnancy. Morning sicknesses usually start during the second week of pregnancy and may continue till the first trimester and for some it may extend for some more months. And in some cases women has to experience the morning sickness throughout the pregnancy period. Lower back pain is another symptom of pregnancy which may continue throughout the pregnancy period and this can be due to stress and strain. The other discomforts during early stages of pregnancy are headaches; constipation, food cravings and frequent urination are some of the other major symptoms of early pregnancy. It is mainly during these early weeks you tend to show special interest to certain type of food like ice-creams, chocolates, juices etc.


This interest may vary from person to person. During the fifth weeks of pregnancy woman usually experiences fatigue and some will be really interested to have drinks like coffee. But it is always wise and advisable to avoid caffeine during pregnancy period. Similarly it is good to avoid soft drinks like coke, Pepsi and alcoholic drinks. By the 6th week of pregnancy you will put on some weight which will be around five pounds. But for some those who have severe morning sickness will tend to reduce weight during the sixth week of pregnancy. During pregnancy the early weeks from first to sixth is more important and it requires more care. A pregnant woman should take care of her diet, exercise, vitamins, and mental as well as physical health during these stages.


Diet: The Most Important Factor During Pregnancy



It is mainly during this period all women has to eat good and nutritious food as it contributes the best and the major part of the growth and development of a baby. Eating so much food will never help your baby to grow. Eating sufficient food which is rich proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates is what matters. During the 6th week of pregnancy a high protein diet is highly recommended for the pregnant woman. It is always wise and advisable to avoid oily foods especially the deep fried foods, avoid junk foods, and include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. A pregnant woman has to drink a lot of water. It is wise to eat small quantity of food at regular intervals and make sure you don’t over fill your tummy. It is always good to consult a dietician who can help you with a balanced diet chart which your body requires.


Exercise Suggestions During Pregnancy


Exercising during pregnancy can greatly benefit you in many ways. But before starting exercise you have to consult a doctor or a physical instructor and seek their advices. It is no doubt that exercising will benefit you and your baby equally.



1. Helps You Feel Better: By exercising you can increase your energy level and gives you peace of mind. It provides you a great relief from back aches and muscle pains. This also gives you a relief from constipation. And last but not the least helps you sleep better.


2. Keeps You Healthy: Exercising can greatly increase your blood flow which keeps you and your baby healthy.


3. Make Your Pregnancy Easy: By exercising your muscles gets stronger and this help you to ease your deliver.


Clothes to Wear During Pregnancy


Nowadays there are plenty of options for the pregnant women. There are many types of dresses which can keep you comfortable and relaxed. It is always advisable to avoid tight dresses. If you have heart burns and back aches it is always good to choose loose and light weight dresses. This can keep you relaxed and free. Make sure that your maternity dresses never restrict your legs, feet, arms or hands. If you are using pants or jean it is best to use elastic waist line types and loose ones.


Skin Changes During Pregnancy



Skin changes are common during pregnancy. For some it will be a glowing and beautiful skin but for some there will be many skin changes. Some of the skin changes experienced during pregnancy are chloasma (pigmentation changes), dark lines on your tummy, pimples, spots, acne, and stretch marks. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before trying any gels and ointments. Don’t squeeze your pimple or acne and avoid bleaching your skin and facials during pregnancy periods.



Recommended Vitamins and Supplements for Pregnant Women


A balanced diet can help you with some of the essential vitamins and supplement. Some vitamins like Vitamin-A, Vitamin C, D and E can be obtained from diet like fruits, vegetables, oils, etc. But there are certain vitamins and minerals which have to be additionally taken. Additional supplements like iron, calcium and folic acid has to be taken regularly after consulting your doctor.



Recommended Tests During Pregnancy


A systematic and routine blood tests and screening tests have to be done during pregnancy period and your doctor can clearly help you in this. The ultrasound test for fetal nuchal translucency and blood tests are done during the first trimester. The tolerance test and fetal monitoring is also done periodically.


Medicines To Be Used and Avoided During Pregnancy


It is wise to avoid usage of medicines during pregnancy as it can harm your baby badly. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before taking any medicines. They can suggest you with a safe remedy which will not harm you and your baby. Natural and homemade remedies are always safe during pregnancy.


Myths and Facts


There are many traditional stories and myths regarding pregnancy. This is usually seen in finding gender of babies. It is good to seek advice from your doctor regularly and to avoid such superstitious beliefs.


Growth of Baby at 6th Week of Pregnancy



During the 6th week of pregnancy the uterus is the size of a plum. The size of the baby is like of a halved baby pea. Now the size of your baby is in the range of four to six millimeters. Dark spots will appear on fetus where the eyes and nostrils will develop in the coming weeks. It forms a small hollowed region on the sides of the head for ears to develop. The growth of buds which will turn into arms and legs will take place in the next phase. The heartbeat ranges from hundred to hundred forty beats per minute. The central nervous system has already developed by the fifth week.


Any other Preparation Before Delivery


Finalize the hospital near to your house. Make sure the delivery kit is ready and you are well set to go at any time. Nappies and sanitary towels are the main things which should be included in the kit.


Do’s and Don’ts During 6th week of Pregnancy




1. Regular checkups have to be done. Take the vitamins and folic acid regularly.


2. Wear seat belts during travelling. Avoid much stress and take rest.


3. Practice regular exercises and eat healthy food.




1. Avoid beverages and uncooked food.


2. Don’t take any medication without consulting doctor.


3. Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking.


Dad’s Role During Pregnancy



As like mother dad also has many responsibilities. He has to make sure that the mother is happy and healthy. Help the mother in household works and make sure she takes rest and good food on time. Give support and entertain the mother by reading good books. Try to keep her relaxed and make her feel happy which in turn helps a lot in growth of the baby.

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