Pregnancy Week 7


So the urine test has confirmed once again, after the home pregnancy kits, that you are pregnant.  Missing a period is not a mistake - you are on your way to motherhood!  Congratulations!  It is that time of life when your body makes way to bring forth new life.  However, if you are not certain, a quick check with the doctor will confirm your happy news.  Take a deep breath, if you have not planned the occasion - start planning! 


The Seventh Week


Through an ultrasound scan the little one is an embryo.  The hands and feet are paddle shaped.  The earlier tadpole look almost disappears. The pituitary gland starts its work and the fetus begins to grow muscle fibers. The heart is divided into both the right and left chambers and beats about 150 a minute which is twice the rate from that of an adult.  The eyes are formed with the lens and retina and the muscle system gets developed.  At this point of time, the baby has an identity of its own with blood type because the cells are being produced by the liver. The digestive system replete with liver, kidneys, heart, spleen and even an appendix has taken shape.  Minute hair like projections from the placenta called the villi carries nutrients and oxygen from the bloodstream of the mother to the baby. Movement rather often is noticed at this point of time as the baby tends to ‘flex its muscle’. 


Symptoms and Bodily Changes


The morning sickness keeps up the momentum at this period of time and eating becomes a chore even though the hunger pangs don’t stop.  Alternatively, feeling fine without the symptomatic morning blues is also okay.  At this point of time frequent visits to the bathroom are common as the growing uterus presses the bladder.  



During the first trimester (the first twelve weeks of pregnancy) the structural development of the baby takes place.  Most miscarriages take place during this period of time so it is advised that the mother takes adequate care. Over the counter medication is not advised, in fact it is strict no as it will affect the growth of the child and in some cases deformity of the fetus. 


Visits to the doctor are commonplace at this point of time in your adult life.  The medical practitioner asks frequent questions about your health, mind set, complaints, concerns, and the like.  The seventh month of pregnancy entails that the doctor examine your uterus, check blood pressure, check both the mothers and the baby’s heartbeat, measure the abdomen, weight gain, and routine tests if required.  After the consultation, pros and cons about maintaining a healthy weight pattern, avoiding tobacco, alcohol and any kind of drug. 


Diet and Health


Now going really haywire with the diet should be seriously considered from all angles.  A dietician would be ideal to consider during the entire gestation period and more so during the first trimester and the seventh week of pregnancy.  A diet rich in proteins, adequate nutrients, folic acid, calcium and whatever is recommended by the doctor must be strictly adhered to.  Rampant dieting at this stage is ridiculous because the baby growing in the womb needs adequate nutrition.  Over the top gorging is also frowned down on because even though weight gain is a given during pregnancy, maintaining a good weight flow pattern is a must.  Cutting down on excessive sugar and saturated fats would be ideal.  No matter how tempting fast food is with the allure, it is best avoided.  Also on the list of foods to avoid are raw foods, unpasteurized milk, liver pate as the vitamin A content is rather harmful to the baby, to name a few. Raw or rare meat maybe a favorite, but avoiding this during the pregnancy would be advisable. All meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables must be cleaned well and cooked thoroughly. A balanced diet with the right mix strikes a healthy balance. 



A healthy body, good eating patterns, positive attitude ensures that you sail through the pregnancy happily.  Being glum because the weight has piled on will affect your overall mental makeup creating a distance between mother and child.  It is most important to remember that the baby in the womb is a life created with love and nurturing him or her during every phase is a done deal.  At no time should you bail on the child and let go because positivity creates peaceful tunes for not only you but everyone around.  A responsible partner acclimatizing himself to the pregnancy has a bearing on the mental state of the mother. An irresponsible parent creates a void right from the time of conception.  A baby senses unrest from the mother so maintaining calm and a positive outlook should be followed.  Routine checks with the doctor is a given and in case of any discomfort explaining the nature and the symptoms ensures that the issue is arrested early on. 


Exercise Suggestions



Whether are pregnant or not, maintaining some form of fitness routine is necessary.  While pregnant however, it is even more important given that you are carrying and caring for two.  Walking far outweighs the option of vigorous workouts but yoga and stretching, even Pilates are recommended by doctors nowadays.  By keeping fit you ensure that lethargy doesn’t take over your life and feeling good from within as well as externally is imperative for both the mother and child.   Weight gain during pregnancy is normal so trying to keep trim with the old fitness patterns should be thrown out the window and embracing more healthier options makes sense because let’s face it, there are two of you to consider.


Maternity wear


There are many options for pregnant woman these days. But, during this early week of pregnancy, it is safe to wear anything you wish. Tight clothing is not advisable though. 


Skin Changes During Pregnancy



The seventh week is an early stage and there is not much complication in the skin complexion as well as the layout. Stretch marks and patches usually do not appear during this week. Whatever said and done, the doctor’s advice is very much necessary.


Recommended Vitamins and Supplements



The consumption of essential minerals and vitamins including A, B, C, D, E and K is very essential during pregnancy as all the mineral and vitamin supplements contribute to the well being of the fetus. A balanced diet best serves the purpose.



Recommended Tests During the Seventh Week


Doctors advice the mother to constantly undergo health checkups blood tests, the results of which are used to determine any irregularities. Constant health checkups are a must.


Medicines to be Used and Avoided


Medicines should be used only upon the consent of the doctor. Usually during pregnancy, any form of medication is not recommended at it has a direct impact on the health of the baby. Consent the doctor and be cautious on the use of medicines.


Myths and Old Wives Talks


Old wives tales do the rounds when it comes to myths. However, what does the rounds is the need for pickled vegetables or a craving for sex.  This is not proven so a young mother should not let these factors deter her from a health happy pregnancy.


Growth of the Baby During the 7th Week



Usually during this week, the external parts of the body start taking shape. It is during this phase that the hands and legs start developing inside the womb. But, all these parts just start forming and the actual size of the baby is just about ten to twelve millimeters.


Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy


Do’s During Pregnancy


1. Eat and Consume a balanced diet


2. Go for timely health checkups


3. Be cautious in consuming any kind of medication


4. Exercise regularly


Don’ts During Pregnancy


1. Avoid Overeating


2. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol


3. Avoid deep fried and overcooked as well as uncooked foods


The Role of the Dad to Be


While the mother revels in the fuss, the father of the baby also has a part to play. Being hands on at appointments while visiting the doctor is a requirement.  Being there for both the wife and child has a bearing on the overall health and outlook of the entire pregnancy. The dad to be should try and ensure that mother and baby are well taken care of and relaxed. 



Happiness is in the air and relatives drop in to check the progress. A first time mom and dad will listen to various stories and suggestions from the old hands! Listen and take note.  Follow maternal and paternal instincts. The father to be should accompany the mother to Lamaze classes so that both can experience the joy of bringing life into the world.  Swelling of the feet is a concern at this point of time so indulge in some pampering at the salon close by or ask the husband for some tender loving care. It takes two to tango and with both working together to bring a miracle to the world you are in salsa mode but easy does it. 


Sex during pregnancy can be entertained provided a fool proof plan by keeping the baby top of the mind is followed.  Most often the mother has mood swings because of hormonal changes, so the partner at this point of time should exercise caution. Reiterating once again the woman’s body changes during pregnancy, so an understanding partner must take part in every aspect of the pregnancy.  As the weeks progress and in the seventh month of pregnancy, the woman glows beautifully.  Love between a mother and child is at the top most peak during pregnancy.  Good parents takes care of the child not only when the child is been born but during the gestation period as well.  

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