Pregnancy Week 9


Generally women think the pregnancy is blessing of god. It is the best experience ever of a woman who has become pregnant. A pregnant woman has to pass through so many steps and stages. In every week, their bodies change continuously. And therefore they have thousands of questions and queries. From the beginning week of pregnancy, every woman has to be more and more concern about it and she has to pay full attention on her pregnancy. There are so many rules and regulations that a pregnant woman has to maintain during her pregnancy period which is important and good for her. By maintaining those rules, a woman can get a god gifted and perfect baby at the end. This article is about the 9th week of pregnancy. There are so many changes in the body can be seen and the woman has to maintain so many rules in the 9th week of her pregnancy.




There are some symptoms of pregnancy in the early weeks, such as fatigue, tenderness of breast and tiredness. But the principal and most important symptom of confirming pregnancy is missed periods. A woman should be very much concerned about that. If she missed periods, then she must choose a pregnancy test at home. By this she can confirm her pregnancy. If it is confirmed, then the next important thing is to visit a gynecologist to confirm that whether there are any abnormalities in her pregnancy. Once it is confirmed, then a woman needs to be very safe and secure and careful for the next 10 months.


Body Changes


Body changes generally start from the second week of pregnancy. The most fearful and important symptom is morning sickness. A pregnant woman has to experience this morning sickness till the end of her pregnancy. Apart from that there are so many discomfort changes of body which a woman has to tolerate. Those changes are lower back pain-till the end of pregnancy, headaches, constipation, frequent urination and food cravings. The last four changes are being seen in the early stages of pregnancy.



In the 9th week of pregnancy a woman feels more lethargic. In some cases a pregnant woman can also observe weight gain during the 9th week. This happens only because of retention of fluid. But there is nothing to worry for a woman and her family. It is a natural symptom during pregnancy. It also happens that a woman can gain up to 5 pounds a day. But this not because the increase of fat, this is because of the baby getting heavier and will be of 8 pound at the time of born. The tissues of breast started growing and weighing about two pounds. During this week the volume of blood starts increasing continuously. A woman needs to be more conscious about her habits from now on. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited for the pregnant women. Headache is continuing in this week of pregnancy also.


Hormonal Changes



Prevalent of mood swings happens in the 9th week of pregnancy. Anxiety is one of the common symptoms in this week. This mood swings happens only because of the changes of hormones in the body of the pregnant woman. The hormonal changes during this time take place in the body generally. In this 9th week a pregnant woman becomes nervous very fast. Some of the women have more progesterone in their body than the normal level. Therefore at the time of pregnancy they become exhausted very easily and that swings their moods. Symptoms like bloating and burping are generally seen in this 9th week of pregnancy. These symptoms occur at this time because the progesterone level of a woman’s body becomes abnormal at this time.




In these early weeks of pregnancy a pregnant woman must have to be more conscious about the diet. She has to eat good and nutritious food. The best and the major part of the food go for the development and growth the baby inside. A woman must eat good food but she should not eat food more than enough. Excess of food doesn’t help the baby to grow and develop. A pregnant woman should eat sufficient food containing high proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. These are the things which are really needed for the growth of the baby. In the early weeks high protein diet is very much essential for a pregnant woman. She has to avoid oily foods, fast foods junk food and eat more fruits instead of that. In the time pregnancy a woman needs to drink more water in a day. It will be better if she consults a dietician for the diet during pregnancy.



Exercise:- ( Dos ad Donts in Pregnancy )


Doing exercise is very important and effective at the time of pregnancy. But not every exercise is acceptable at the time of pregnancy. So it will be best if a pregnant woman consults with a doctor of a physical expert before starting exercise. This exercise benefits the mom as well as her baby. The energy level of a woman increases with the help of exercise and it also gives peace of mind. During pregnancy back aches and muscle pain suffers a woman most. But exercise can give a woman relief from back aches and muscle pain. As a result of it, she can sleep well in the night. Exercise keeps a pregnant woman healthy during the early weeks of her pregnancy.


Test During Pregnancy


Regular test is very essential during pregnancy. Blood tests and screen tests must be done systematically and routine wise in this time. During the first trimester the ultrasound test and blood test must be done by a pregnant woman. Fetal monitoring and tolerance test have also to be done periodically.



Myths and Facts


There are many conventional experiences and misconceptions regarding maternity. This is usually seen in discovering ‎gender of infants. It is excellent to check with your physician consistently and to prevent such ‎superstitious values


Baby’s Development



In the 9th week the baby’s tail at the lowest of spinal cord almost disappears. The head of the baby starts growing by this week. It has become bigger than the rest of the body and it is bent towards the chest. In this week of pregnancy the baby becomes 0.6 to 0.7 inches in size and the weight becomes about 0.1 ounces that is 3 grams. The skin over the eyes starts reforming into eyelids. And this will be noticed in the next few weeks. The digestive system of the baby starts developing from this week. As the muscles start developing the baby makes some movements, but the mother cannot able to feel those movements of her baby for the next few weeks. The structures of the hands, legs and head start coming into their own shapes by this 9th week. As the mouth and nostrils become proper and visible, the facial structure continues to become more proper. Although the genitals of the baby starts developing but the doctors couldn’t say the sex of the baby before the 18th week.


Responsibility of Dad to Be


These are some basic rules and regulations that a pregnant woman needs to maintain strictly during the pregnancy. Thus she can have a perfect and healthy baby after 10 months. The father also has so many responsibilities during mom’s pregnancy. He also has to maintain all of them. If he does that, then the result will be good. Father should be caring and supportive during pregnancy. 

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