Prevent Stretch Marks

No body likes to see stretch marks on their body. Stretch might be a result of childbirth or even something constructive to the body like loosing extra weight or pumping up muscles in the gym. But, do you know that these constructive things have a side effect called stretch marks. As the name suggests, stretch marks are a consequence of making your skin stretch more than what it is accustomed to. The excessive stretching stretches the dermis and these marks appear on the epidermis in the form of stretch marks. Mostly stretch marks are common amongst pregnant women but are equally common amongst people who loose or gain weight very quickly or people who do not take gym training under a professional instructor.


During pregnancy a woman gains a lot of weight and post pregnancy she can lose a lot of weight, the sudden gain or loss manifests into stretch marks, which can be permanent. Remember when it comes to your body, it is never about weight loss, it is all about fat loss. One factor which can be a hurdle when you aim to prevent stretch marks is genetics, the inevitable factor you can not fight against. Though you can not completely abrogate stretch marks, you can surely reduce their appearance. Pregnant women have promised that cocoa butter is extremely helpful if you intend to prevent stretch marks or abrogate them from the core.



To prevent stretch marks a combination of a healthy diet, a regular skin care regime and your health in general with aid you in your quest to prevent stretch marks. A healthy diet rich in Vitamin A, C and E is very helpful in the process of revealing a glowing skin. These vitamins destroy free radicals which damage the membrane of the healthy skin cells. Damaged membranes bring to the fore front wrinkles, stretch marks and fine line. Along with a good diet, one has to detoxify the body by having lots of water. The hydrating nature of water leaves your skin soft and supple. If you use a body scrub it will be helpful in removing dead and unwanted cells from the body, visibly reducing stretch marks. Though this will not completely abrogate stretch marks, it will work as an agent to prevent stretch marks, as it will aid in blood circulation.


 Though dryness does not create stretch marks it is advised to keep the skin well moisturised to prevent stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks creams rich in retin-a have proved to be good, anti stretch marks cream rich in vitamin E have done a good job as well. In Indian history, olive oil has proved to be miraculous in the process of preventing as well as removing stretch marks. Each culture has it own history, though it is great to try out what suits you the best, in extreme cases it is advised to consult your dermatologist and take a clinically proven anti stretch marks cream. Follow these golden rules and successfully prevent stretch marks

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