Problem Related To Circumcision Scar

On newborns the circumcision is performed usually with one of the equipment that is specialized and is called as a Mogen clamp, a Gomco clamp, or the Plastibell, along with the instrument for restraining. Generally healing process takes about two to three days. The circumcisions for the adults are usually done without any of these implements, but the healing time varies from about five to six weeks. It depends on the process used for the circumcision, the circumcision scar appears as uneven or conspicuous or over the time it can fade as well.

In the United States generally the circumcision is done on newborns and is not any kind of religious ceremony as it is in the Islamic cultures and Jewish cultures. For the most part it is believed as cosmetic surgery, but circumcision does not have any effect on the reproductive system of male. The males that have been circumcised, the circumcision scar are referred to be as the scar that appears after the circumcision is being healed. In few of the cases, this scar appears to be dark in color and will be encircling the penis shaft.


The circumcision scar is present on the boundary of foreskin remnant of the inner side; this is actually the part of the foreskin, which during circumcision was not removed. The foreskin remnant is the presence of mucosa lying between the circumcision scar and the glans. This can usually have a variant texture and color than the remaining skin of penis. It can be light-colored or pink in color and is covered with keratin that protects it from a dry environment. This scar can be easily seen above the head of the penis.


There are types of circumcision scar, but this depends on the procedure used for the process. There are few men that have been circumcised have uneven or prominent scar, whereas in few men it is hardly seen. There are different creams that are available in the market that can be regularly applied to the circumcision done recently and can diminish significantly the scar line that is visible. These creams are so effective that sometimes it reaches to the unobservable point except to a health professional. The scar appearance can be diminished by the procedure of foreskin restoration. Normally a complete foreskin restoration results inner surface.


There are few problem related with the circumcision scar in completely hiding the scar from view on the regrown prepuce of the as well. If it is not performed correctly it can also lead to complications that can be disfiguring and painful. Botched circumcision results in skin bridges, excessive scarring, sometimes penectomy can also occur (leading to reassignment of the gender), excess removal of the skin or death. During intercourse, sometimes the scar might become irritated or can swell as well. At times penile cancer may also occur on the scar and few cases the scar might form a constricted tight ring that causes preputial stenosis. There are few controversies over the process and most of them have questioned about its medical necessity as well.

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