Quick Acne Cures For Your special Day

Home remedies are available to cure acne quickly. At the same time, severity of the case should be assessed properly before starting any treatment at home. If your doctor feels that your acne is a mild one, you can try curing it at your home itself. 


Home Remedies for Acne Treatment



Dabbing plain white toothpaste on the spot before going to bed in the night is a treatment! May be, the toothpaste dries the oil and cures it. Gel should not be used. It is the experience of some people that the anti-inflammatory medicine Advil works well. You can take this medicine and also apply Visine drops on the spot, so that the redness disappears. Applying egg white on the pimple also can give good results. If you have blackheads which do not fade off easily, you can apply a mixture of corn starch and vinegar on the blackhead and gently rub it. Then leave it like that for about half-an-hour. Now wash the spot face with warm water. This method is believed to relieve the skin of bacteria and clear the pores of the skin. For getting rid of acne, you can also apply a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia over the affected area. Allow it to dry and then use warm washcloth to wipe off the applied substance. This is more economical when compared to facial masks. Generally these home remedies do not carry any risk with them. They are simple and inexpensive. These procedures also save lot of your time.  


Natural Remedies for Acne


Acne looks very bad especially with pus formation. Raw papaya juice is found to reduce the swelling quickly. It also can prevent formation of pus. You can try out by applying papaya juice or seeds on your face. Remedy for persistent pots involves applying garlic juice and water. However, you should have the garlic pods soaked in milk for about half-an-hour so that the unpleasant smell goes off. You can then gently rub this mixture on your acne, leave it for some time and then wash it. Potatoes are found to be useful in clearing whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. You can rub the pulp of raw potato on the skin to have fast cure. You can also apply ripe tomato pulp on the face and leave it for an hour. If you do this on a regular basis, you can keep your skin clear and bright. Applying lemon juice on the skin just before bedtime can prevent ugly scarring. You can try any of the above procedures alone or in combination and then follow a method that suits you well, as and when you encounter acne. 


Common home remedies also include using certain oils such as rose hip seed oil, primrose oil, lavender and sandalwood. If your skin is very sensitive, you can dilute these oils by adding grape seed oil. Apply any of these oils directly to the acne. These oils can be purchased from a health food store. It is the experience of some people that a mixture of ground nutmeg and cold milk works well when applied on the affected area and heals the acne quickly. 


Remember, you should never squeeze or pop the pimple as it can result in scarring. 

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