Rachel Ray Diet


The Rachel Ray diet is one that is often taken up by a number of celebrities. However, it is termed as a “non-diet”. A non diet is one which places more emphasis on the basic notion of common sense than on the elimination or addition of certain food products. Rachel Ray is a woman who has a passion for cooking such dishes that are not only easy to make but can also be prepared in no time.


Rachel Ray Diet


According to a number of sources, Rachel Ray has not checked her body weight for a number of years. She is extremely strict about the fact that being a certain weight is not important and she stays far away from fad and crash diets that a majority of people succumb to. Despite this, she is healthy and fit, proving that one does not need to starve oneself in order to be happy. 

Rachel Ray is a person who not only enjoys cooking but also loves food and her approach to healthy eating that incorporates common sense into daily life can be advantageous for a large number of people.  


Tips in Rachael Ray Diet Plan


Rachel Ray puts forth a number of principles that she says are essential for a healthy life. This is commonly called the Rachel Ray diet.

1-The Rachel Ray diet incorporates the belief that one must Never Skip Meals.

2-According to the Rachel Ray diet plan, one must always chart out a particular routine for meals. This routine must be followed strictly: Follow Strict Meal Routines


3-The Rachel Ray diet advocates the belief that 12-13 Glasses of Water Must be Consumed at any cost.



4-The number of calories to be consumed on a particular day should not be wasted on high-calorie beverages. Avoid High Calorie Beverages


5-The Rachel Ray diet also supports the consumption of a large quantity of raw as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Consume Raw n Fresh Fruits n Veggies


6-Rachel Ray also advocates the inclusion of exercise into daily life. The Rachel Ray diet plan supports the belief that one must formulate a definite exercise plan and then stick to it. Exercise Daily

7-Every body is aware of the food products that are bad for them and those that are good for them. The Rachel Ray Diet incorporates the belief based on common sense that one should avoid those food products that are bad for them. Select the Diet Plan Wisely


8-The Rachel Ray diet supports the consumption of those food products that consist of lean proteins. Consume Lean Proteins

9-The Rachel Ray diet plan incorporates the consumption of Monosaturated Fats into daily life. That being said, food must be cooked in extra virgin olive oil. (EVOO).

10-Stress reduction is a must and is focused on in the Rachel Ray diet plan. Reduce Stress

11- The Rachel Ray Diet plan also puts forth the belief that elimination of the food you enjoy eating is not necessary. Instead, small portions of that food must be consumed, not completely removed. Take Every Food in Proportion

12-The Rachel Ray Diet plan also believes in the fact that one should not eat just for the heck of it. Eat only if You are Hungry.

13-The Rachel Ray diet plan also supports the belief that checking your weight every single day is not required as this only increases the pressure and obstructs your desired goals of weight loss. Daily Weight Monitoring not Required


14-The Rachel Ray diet plan also supports the fact that self-Control is Essential when one wants to shed the extra weight. Thinking healthy is very important and one should make this a regular habit.

15-The Rachel Ray diet deeply focuses on the belief that crash Diets are Extremely Unhealthy and that they must be avoided with a vengeance.

16-Varying every day meals and replacing food products with others on a regular basis is recommended as it breaks the monotony associated with steady weight lost. Break Monotony with Everyday Meals for Steady Weight Loss


A diet that is greatly supported by Rachel Ray is the “Flat Belly Diet”. This diet reduces fat that is situated around the abdomen due to the existence of certain monosaturated fats that lead to the desired reduction in belly fat. According to the diet, one must consume a particular type of water that is popularly called “Sassy Water”. This water consists of large amounts of ginger which leads to long-term benefits with reference to the gastrointestinal tract.  

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