Reasons Behind Pain In Left Abdomen

Reasons behind pain in the left abdomen are numerous and the list of diseases along with the fraction of the population who have to suffer this pain is increasing day by day because of the huge inclination towards junk food items these days. Pain in the left part of the abdomen is more common in women and adolescents than in men and older aged people. While discussing reasons behind pain in the left abdomen, it’s important to know where the dividing line is between the left and the right abdomen. The line dividing the abdomen into left and the right part is first of all imaginary and secondly it starts from just under the chest, passes the belly button or umbilicus and ends at the lining of the genital organs.


Another important fact one should be aware of when elaborating on reasons behind pain in the left abdomen is the name of the organs present in the left abdomen as it is their  functioning or abnormality that forms  a major chunk of the reasons behind pain in the left abdomen.


Organs in Left Abdomen


Various organs forming the left abdomen are:


  1. the stomach ,

  2. the left adrenal gland ,

  3. the descending colon ,

  4. the sigmoid colon ,

  5. the large intestine (also known as the left part of the transverse colon) ,

  6. the left kidney ,

  7. left part of the liver,

  8. the pancreatic tail ,

  9. the blood vessels lying on the left side of the abdomen like the aorta, the spleen body ,

  10. the dermal layers (skin layers ) lining the left part of the abdomen ,

  11. the muscle lining the wall of the left side of abdomen ,nerves present there ,

  12. the left ureter , 

  13. The left fallopian tube and left ovary (in women).


Reasons behind Left Abdominal Pain


Angina: Angina is caused as a result of reduced blood flow to the heart. Though its symptoms are restricted to chest region like chest pain and discomfort, dizziness and discomfort in breathing but it can lead to pain in the left abdominal region.



Prostrate Infections: Infection in prostate gland causes swelling in prostate gland due to bacterial or viral infections thereby leading to pain in prostate gland and left abdominal region.



Urinary tract infection: As a result of prostate infection, bacterial can attack the urinary tract leading ot UTIs and thus abdominal pain in left region.



Varicocele: It is causes as a result of testicular compressions that bring about the hindrance in blood flow and thus leading to left side abdominal pain.


Other reasons behind left side abdominal pain are similar to the right side abdominal pain and are:


  1. Appendicitis

  2. Ectopic pregnancy

  3. Crohn’s disease

  4. Hernia

  5. Kidney stone

  6. Food poisoning

  7. Gastroenteritis


Diet and left abdominal pain: Most of reasons behind pain in the left abdomen result from erratic eating style (i.e. . not having meals on time, skipping meals or overeating) .Irregular eating pattern often leads to gastric , acidity , constipation or a stomach upset as the timing of the digestive secretions inside the stomach from different regions like the stomach lining , pancreas , gall bladder, various ducts and liver etc , doesn’t match the timing of our eating ,resulting in either the juices and food digesting acid falling on the empty lining of the stomach (leading to a burning sensation , acidity or formation of gas leading to gastric problems ) or no digestive secretion when ones stomach is full of food which results in indigestion or a stomach upset which further contribute to reasons behind pain in the left abdomen.


Junk food and left abdominal pain: Another very common factor leading to numerous reasons behind pain in the left abdomen is eating outdoor food, junk food and food from the street vendors frequently. As the hygiene level maintained by these food sellers is usually not up to the mark and the products used by them to make the food items is not good in quality and sometimes they are even stale (just heated over and over again) with lots of spices and fat, it’s not hard to imagine the reason behind increasing number of people complaining of food poisoning, acidity, gastric, constipation and stomach upsets every day. These are the most common reasons behind pain in the left abdomen.

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