Reasons For Hairloss in Men-Women

Every month, each strand of hair grows about 1 centimeter during the normal cycle associated with hair growth. It is of common knowledge that 90% of your hair is at its growing stage at all times. The remaining 10%, on the other hand, is not. After about 60-90 days, this 10% begins to fall and new hair begins to grow.


One must not worry if one sheds a few strands every day, as this is part of the growth cycle. However, if the hair loss begins to get extreme, one must look into the matter. Women, men and children are known to suffer from hair loss due to a number of reasons


Causes of Hair loss


1. If one has suffered from a serious illness, or has undergone surgery; hair loss is common after a few months. The reason being stress. However, it is not permanent and ceases soon after it begins.


2. Hair loss can also occur due to hormonal imbalances. It can also occur due to problems in the thyroid gland. Treatment of the respective hormones can correct hair loss.


3. A large number of women experience hair loss after they have given birth. This is due to the presence of certain hormones due to which the body retains the hair it should normally shed during pregnancy. However, 3 months after giving birth, the hormones are back to normal and hair loss occurs.


4. Hair loss can also occur if one is under heavy medication. Stopping the consumption of these medicines can reduce hair loss.


5. In children, a common reason for hair loss is fungal infection. Hair loss, in this case, can be reduced with the help of antifungal medication.


6. Last but not the least, hair loss can also occur if one is in the beginning stages of diseases like diabetes or lupus.


Other Causes For Hair Loss


If one styles one’s hair in pigtails on a regular basis or indulges in the heavy use of hair rollers, one may suffer from excessive hair loss. This is due to the fact that when one makes tight pigtails or puts in hot rollers, the hair on ones scalp get pulled. This can lead to alopecia. However, if the pulling is taken care of at an early stage, scarring can be prevented. Scarring can lead to permanent hair loss. Other causes of scarring are hot oil treatments and the use of chemicals for the purpose of styling the hair in a certain manner.


Male Pattern Baldness


This term also called common baldness and permanent pattern baldness. This trait is usually inherited in men and is very common in a large number of men. When one suffers from male pattern baldness, the hairline starts to recede and a bald patch appears on the top.


Treatments For Male Pattern Baldness


A doctor may be able to fix the hair loss problem you are experiencing. He will do this by asking you a number of questions. These will be related to:


1. Diet


2. Medication



3. Record of recent illness


4. The manner in which you manage your hair.


For Women, the Questions May be Related to


1. Her menstrual cycle


2. Pregnancy


3. Menopause


After the doctor has asked the relevant questions, you may have to undergo a physical test so that the exact cause of the hair loss can be determined. Blood tests and other tests that include taking a sample of cells from your scalp may be carried out.  


The treatment that should be carried out is dependent on the degree of hair loss. In case hair loss is caused due to the consumption of particular kind of medicine, the doctor will suggest the use of some other medication. If hair loss is caused due to a scalp infection, providing medication for the same can cause a reduction in hair loss. Similarly, prescribing medication to correct a hormonal imbalance that is causing hair loss can correct the same.

There are number of
medicines that can reduce the rate of baldness or prevent its development altogether. One such medicine is minoxidil which is an over-the-counter medicine. Finasteride, on the other hand, can only be bought if one has a prescription for the same. Only men are to consume this medicine whereas minoxidil can be consumed by both men and women. One must wait for over 6 months to see the result of these medicines.


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