Recovery After Breast Implant Surgery

After the procedure of breast augmentation, it is very important to allow for a period of recovery. The recovery period will help the patient regain normal strength and avoid any mishap due to strain. Obeying the health care giver’s advice and refraining from specific activities will help you recover faster without any undue side effects after a breast augmentation surgery. 

 Precautions after  breast implant surgery

  •   Movement should be limited after the surgery, as per the surgeon’s instructions
  •   The sore feeling in the region of the operation and the resultant pain of the surgery should not be aggravated by activities like bending, lifting or straining muscles and the bones in and around the breast region
  •     If activities that lay strain on the region are indulged in, recovery is delayed. 

 Recovery period after breast implant surgery

The recovery period for breast augmentation surgery is about seven days. A patient may go back to work after this time, only if the work does not involve strenuous activities like lifting and heaving. There are two types of breast implant procedures, the sub-muscular and the sub-glandular.   Generally the latter requires less recovery time than the former.  

Recovery path after breast implant surgery 

From Day1 to Day15 
This is the most difficult period after the procedure. There is persistent pain and heaviness around the breasts. Exhaustion cannot be ruled out. Though prescribed medications can take care of the pain and other possible side effects, the soreness and heaviness of pain cannot be avoided. It is usually advised that the patient has someone to stay over to help and support her during this time.
The gauze dressing is removed after a few days and a surgical bra takes its place. If there are sutures, they are removed, a week after the implant procedure.
From Day16 up to a few months
The breast region continues to be sensitive and may even appear swollen. The swelling may persist for a month to 45 days. To minimize the recovery period and trauma, it is important to keep the breast protected from injury, physical contact and strain, until the swelling and soreness come down. 
If the swelling and pain comes down within a month, then strenuous activities can be started again. For all these issues, it is important to seek the surgeon’s advice and follow it, besides taking prescribed medications regularly.  

The scars after breast implant surgery

Scars of the breast implant/augmentation surgery will persist for about 45 days. After this period, the scars will become lighter and gradually fade out of sight, though not disappear fully. If the surgery is conducted by a highly gifted surgeon, the placement of the scar would be strategic enough that it hardly is detected. Following the regimen suggested by the surgeon after the procedure, will also help minimize the scarring.

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