Red Flags for Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a condition when the embryo does not get attached to the wall of uterus; instead it gets attached somewhere else and begins to grow there. In most of the cases, the embryo gets attached to the walls of fallopian tubes. However here is a possibility of it occurring in other locations, such as the ovary, cervix, and abdominal cavity. If the ectopic pregnancy is not diagnosed at the right time, it could lead to the bursting of fallopian tubes and cause severe bleeding. This can result in the death of the mother. In fact most of the cases of ectopic pregnancy, which are not diagnosed on time, cause death of the mother.

Ectopic pregnancy is the leading cause of death of mother during the first trimester of pregnancy. There was a long desire to discover the proteins in the body of pregnant woman that could be beneficially used to diagnose ectopic pregnancy as early as possible; this long desire could be accomplished recently with the invention of biomarkers. Biomarkers are precise enough to commence testing in medical examinations.

Scientists have discovered certain proteins that are found in abnormal stage only in the blood of women suffering from ectopic pregnancy and not in the blood of normal women. Initially a group of proteins are described that re used to create a report of blood test after a number of refinements. There are as many as seventy proteins in the blood of women suffering from ectopic pregnancy that are in abnormal stage. Adam12 is one of such protein which is found at twenty times lower in stage than that of a normal stage. This is a good method of diagnosing ectopic pregnancy at an early stage due to the presence of certain proteins in the blood of the women having ectopic pregnancy (EP).  

In the next step, the biomarker of the patient is tested on a more large and independent group of patients. This is done on both individual as well as on multi biomarker stage. This step is done basically to authenticate and verify the usefulness of the patient’s biomarker. After performing this step what we get is dependable and practical blood test report which is used in the identification of ectopic pregnancy of patient.

The main goal is to recognize the particular isoforms. This is because, during ectopic pregnancy a number of proteins are modified and they now exist in the form of their different isoforms in the body. These isoforms are quiet relevant in the identification of ectopic pregnancy. The proteins that come related genes are modifies by different cellular processes or difference in the processing of genes.

Biomarker is quiet a powerful method for the detection of a number of diseases at an early stage. This can also be used for the diagnosis of cancer and many other diseases at a stage when it is possible to cure the disease easily. In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the biomarker creates a blood test report that could be used beneficially as a part of prenatal care. This will save the life of many women who are suffering from ectopic pregnancy but have no clue about it by timely detection.

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