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Who does not want to be beautiful? Beauty in the contemporary society is no more some special trait limited to beauty pageant winners. Beauty does not having the right make up to conceal any skin problem, beauty lies in having a skin which does not need to be concealed. When people state the cliché beauty is skin deep, they do not refer to the misconception that it is okay to have an unhealthy skin, what it means is having a healthy skin and enhancing the assets you already have. Gone are the days when you would see the television and only wished that you could have a skin like the actor or actress you admire. Owing to the advent of technological advancement, it is about, keeping your skin healthy the smart way.


Now you must be wondering what I mean when I say the smart way. This is an insight I wish to share with you, spending hours in the parlour is not required, when you have stretch marks surgery is not the only option, what you have is a preventive, the mantra to reduce stretch marks. The mantra to help you reduce stretch marks is having a healthy diet, having lots of water, hydrating your body (fruits), identifying your skin type, following a skin care regime and maintaining what you have. The regime you follow on a daily basis will help you reduce stretch marks.


A healthy diet means a balanced diet cut the burger and the fries, abrogate or minimise oily food. Oily food clogs your skin pores which also inadvertently affects the elasticity of your body resulting into stretch marks. Have lots of water, there is no escaping water, if you are dehydrated, it shows, your skin looses glow and the ability of the skin to under take stress reduces. Hydrate your skin with a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Identify your skin type, a dry skin will need a cream based moisturiser and an oily skin will demand a low viscosity moisturiser.


 Fruits also keep your body well hydrated. Invest your snack time in fruits. Watermelon, muskmelon, strawberries and berries are excellent sources of hydration and vitamin C, both are crucial for a healthy skin. If you think that despite our efforts you are not able to do justice to your body by having a perfectly balanced diet, go for vitamin supplicants. But there are no shortcuts; a supplicant can never match the result of an actual well balanced diet. Following a skin care regime will help prevent or reduce stretch marks. Cleanse tone, moisturise and scrub. Mildly scrub the region which has the potential to develop stretch marks, this allows new skin cells too emerge which successfully helps one to reduce stretch marks. Maintain what you have, your skin and your body. A glowing skin has to be maintained to keep steady; this not only reduces stretch marks but also slows down the inevitable process of aging. Exercise frequently and visibly you will reduce stretch marks.

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