Respite Through Acne Scar Treatment

One of the repercussions of experiencing acne is the scars left by acne. These scars are a constant source of embarrassment for the patients. Many acne scar treatment is available includes topical creams, surgery, etc.  It is said that the best acne scar treatment is prevention! In order to prevent acne it is necessary to be aware of the reasons which cause acne, only then the process of prevention can be initiated. One of the tried and tested way to treat acne is to regularly wash the face with a soap (which is meant for an acne prone skin).


Acne Scar Treatment According to Type of Scars


Acne scar treatment depends on the type of scars experienced by the patient. It is known that plethora of acne scar treatment is available and in few cases, more than one acne scar treatment is used for the healing process as combination of both the treatments would be more effective in some cases. Some health insurance plans do not cover the cost for acne scar treatment. In those cases a person can try out a cheaper acne scar treatment after consulting with his doctor. Low cost acne scar treatment should be opted if the patient is not suffering from acne which has reached a severe stage. The most common types of acne scar treatment are as follows: augmentation, dermabrasion treatment, subcision, punches techniques, chemical peeling, and laser resurfacing treatment. In the augmentation acne scar treatment, the scar is brought to the level of the surface by giving an injection filled with collagen in the skin.  


Procedure of Acne Scar Treatment


The results derived from this type of acne scar treatment can be sufficient for about six months, after that the patient has to take another injection. Just a single dose of injection is not enough to erase all the scars. In some of the cases this acne scar treatments has to be coupled with some other form of treatment to get better results. In Subcision the scar is taken off from the tissues and the skin gets completely leveled. To get better results this treatment should done a couple of times. In punch technique acne scar treatment the scar is taken out and that area is replaced with skin through transplantation. People with deep scars can opt for this acne scar treatment. In laser surfacing acne scar treatment, the scar is erased through laser so that skin (without scars) can be developed in that region.


But this acne scar treatment is not recommended for patients with a darker skin tone as the new skin which is formed will have a very light tone and it will not match with the original skin tone. Dermabrasion treatment requires anesthesia of the skin just a couple of moments before the commencement of the treatment. A rotating wheel is used to take off the scar filled skin. This acne scar treatment needs an hour to be completed. After the completion of the procedure the skin will have red patches for fourteen days, after that the patches will vanish on its own.

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