Secret of Kate Middleton Flawless Complexion

With the royal wedding just around the corner, media interest in Kate Middleton is assuming mammoth proportions as she is the commoner who is all set to become the Royal Princess. It is only natural that every action of hers is being discussed threadbare by the media. Details about Kate, her wedding dress, hair do and the arrangements for “the wedding of the year” are being avidly discussed across the world.

Kate Middleton is 28 and the image she projects is that of a contemporary, confident lady who knows her mind. Her natural good looks with a flawless glowing complexion and unfussy yet chic hairdo and clothes have made her an icon for young ladies across the globe. Kate’s porcelain complexion and glossy auburn tresses have been envied and her beauty secrets much sought after.

Diet and Fitness Regimen

Kate is a healthy young woman and her complexion radiates good health. She, on the advice of her fashion consultants, has been following a diet rich in fresh fruits, cereals and vegetables. This has cleared up her complexion and her skin looks luminous. She has lost weight in the past few weeks and looks all set to wear her wedding dress with grace.

Skin Care Regimen

As regards her complexion, Kate is partial to skin care products made by Karin Herzog.

The skin care creams made by this Australian cosmetic giant are specially formulated with oxygen releasing ingredients which infuse skin with oxygen rich compounds .The oxygen face  creams are very effective in killing bacteria in the skin and  in giving a youthful glow to the skin. This range of creams refines and hydrates the skin.  It also softens the sebum to help clean out those clogged pores.

Kate Middleton also uses the Vita-A-Kombi, a cream which contains liquid oxygen and Vitamin A. According to Karin Herzog, Kate uses the Professional Cleanser Vita-A-Kombi-, Vita-A-Kombi-3 Spot Zapper and also the Oxygen Face Cream. This cream increases the oxygen levels in the skin cells and increases blood circulation. There is a perceptible improvement in the skin tone. Kate has combination skin and the Vita Kombi cream balances out the oily and dry areas in the skin. Due to the addition of Vitamin A, healing and cell regeneration is hastened. This cream is designed for use twice a day and is a very light emulsion. It does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe freely. These are the beauty aid secrets of Kate Middleton’s flawlesscomplexion she radiates with as the new princess.

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