Shaping Eyebrows

Perfect eye brows take very little time to shape and call for little time and effort to maintain. Perfectly maintained eye brows pay off large dividends by providing perfect frames to the eyes.


While eye brows often do not call attention to themselves like the eyes or the lips, there is no denying the fact bushy and unkempt eye brows are often the first thing you notice on a face. If the eye brows do not suit the shape of the face, it is negates the overall beauty of the face.


Methods to shape eye brows:


  1. Eye brows can be shaped professionally or can be done at home.

  2. The methods available for shaping eye brows are plucking, threading, waxing and electrolysis. Other than electrolysis, which is a permanent method, the other methods are temporary and may be chosen depending upon the budget.

  3. Plucking of eye brows is a do- it - yourself method while waxing and threading require at least two people.


Eye brows and shape of the face


Depending on the shape of the face, eye brows are shaped to accentuate the positive attributes and to divert attention from facial flaws for e.g. flat eye brows for a long face, angled brows for an oval face and arched brows for a round face. As per prevailing fashions, thin or thick eye brows can be shaped to suit the face.


Equipment for plucking threading eyebrows


For plucking eye brows a good pair of quality tweezers is required. For threading, treated thread is used while waxing requires wax and waxing strips. Medicated powder, Aloe Vera gel, a warm cloth, disinfectant and astringent are the other cosmetics required.


Method for perfect eyebrows


Once the eye brow shape is decided, the points where the eye brow starts, stops and arches are marked. Normally, eye brows should start at the point immediately over the tear ducts and end at a point above the outer end of the eye. The arch is normally marked immediately over the iris in the middle of the eye. 


Once the shape is marked, excess hair below and above the shape is removed. Eye brows are trimmed with a pair of eye brow scissors to remove bulk. An eye brow pencil is used to fill and correct any gaps in the eye brows.  

Use a strong hold hairspray on the brush and comb through each eyebrow.


Caution before plucking shaping eyebrows


  1. Hair should always be removed in the direction of the growth to prevent hair from breaking off.

  2. For sensitive skin which reddens easily, application of a warm cloth to the brows before plucking is a must.

  3. Post plucking of eye brows, beauticians advise application of Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin. Coconut oil can also be applied.

  4. Tweezers should be cleansed with a disinfectant before use.

  5. All eyebrow makeup should be applied in the direction of the hair growth.

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