Skin Weft Hair Extension

There are several ways to augment thinning or short hair.  One of them is the skin weft hair extension.  A hair weft is created either by manually tying strands of hair together or integrating them by sewing machine.  The hair used for making wefts could be human hair or synthetic hair.  Because of the tight sewing pattern and ability to bind a higher quantity of hair together, machine made hair wefts are tougher and thicker.   Machine made wefts can also be easily cut down to required size unlike hand-tied hair which may require intricate unwinding or untying. 

A skin weft is the latest in the line of hair augmentation products.  The weft in this kind of hair extension, consists of a band of some kind of fabric or elastic material that is a foot long.  The hair extensions are attached to it by sewing them in.  Skin weft hair extensions are available in different convenient lengths.  They are more finely woven together and do not bulge at the seams, as would the standard wefts.  Skin wefts can also be readied to resemble your hair due to which their attachment remains undetectable. 

Using a skin weft hair extension gives the augmented hair a completely natural appearance.  Another significant advantage of using skin wefts is that you do not need to glue the extension to the scalp/natural hair.  Undoubtedly, there is now a high demand for skin wefts, both at parlors and for home use.   The skin weft has a special, double-sided tape system to attach the hair to the scalp, unlike the earlier loop and fusion mechanism. 

How to attach the skin weft hair extension

  • Divide the hair into smaller parts at the back of the scalp
  • Divide each part at that point of the scalp (where you want to attach the skin weft hair extension) using comb, into horizontal parts and clip firmly
  • In this manner you would be exactly exposing the part of the scalp where the extension has to be attached
  • Remove the label off the hair extension to expose the first side that has adhesive
  • Now attach the sticky side to the hair very near the scalp
  • Do not attach the hair directly to the scalp, but to the hair near it
  • Now expose the second sticky side of the tape and bring the hair extension over it
  • Use your fingers to apply gentle pressure, for about 10 seconds, to the hair so that it sticks firmly to the tape

Advantages of skin weft hair extensions

  • They are less expensive
  • You do not need glue to attach them
  • They are sturdy yet finely seamed at the edges
  • The extensions merge very well with natural hair making it difficult to tell both apart
  • Very easy to attach
  • Takes less time to attach than other hair extensions

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