Sleep and Hair Loss

Many people suffer from hair loss and sleep related problems, but very few of them are aware that these two problems can be related to each other. Sleep is important for the body so that it can repair or regenerate cells and there are a lot of other factors which plays a vital role in hair growth. Around eighty percent of the men and about forty percent of the women who are prone to hair loss has been fund to have some form of problems related to sleep. If the sleep pattern is disturbed then it can have an adverse affect on the stamina as well as the immune system. When the internal system is not balanced then hair loss is a natural consequence. The changes that take place in our body can be a cause of hair loss.

At times hair loss can take place if a person is undergoing excessive amount of stress. It has also been noticed that stress can not only induce hair loss but it can also trigger hair loss which is of hereditary nature. Sleep related problems can make hereditary hair loss more severe. It has been reported that people who have do not get adequate sleep, tend to experience stress in the lives, which ultimately can result in hair loss. Some people might feel comfortable with just fours hours of sleep everyday but others might need at least eight hours of sleep daily. If the cause of your hair loss is lack of proper sleep, then the treatment for hair loss will also revolve around treatments related to sleep problems. Sometimes, lack of sleep might be due to the problems stemming from the personal or professional lives. And one needs to bring in certain amount of change in their lifestyles, so that their sleep pattern becomes proper.

Everybody has got a different requirement when it comes to sleep. Therefore it is essential to discover the need of your body and act accordingly. If your schedule is too hectic then you can squeeze in some time for catching a nap. Getting naps in between the can have a positive effect on health. Besides getting the right amount of sleep, it is also important to concentrate on your diet as often consumption of unhealthy food might create imbalance in the body, which might be one of the causes of hair loss. The relationship between sleep and hair loss is quite intricate and if we delve deeper then we can solve many problems related to both sleep disorders and hair loss.

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