Soya Oil Breast Implants

The most commonly used breast implants are silicone gel and saline filled implants, both of which have harmful drawbacks. Different types of breast implants available are liks: silicone breast implants and PIP implants.

The most commonly used breast implants are silicone gel and saline filled implants, both of which have harmful drawbacks. Silicone gels are not biocompatible and obstruct the visibility of tumors in mammography. Saline filled implants are found to harbor microbes that can cause infection.


Because of these disadvantages scientists have investigated the use of safer, natural alternatives to implant filler materials. The trilucent soybean oil-filled breast implant was designed for increased safety, longer life and radiolucency (ability to visualize tumors on a mammogram)


Different types of breast implants available are


Silicone breast implants – The implants are loaded with silicone gel. The type of implant gained a lot of controversy due to a lot of problems connected to it like autoimmune illnesses and condensing of the breasts due to the outflow of silicone in the bodies of the patients. Biggest drawback of this implant is that their fissure is not definitely discovered.


Cohesive gel implant – It is a kind of silicone implant that is loaded with a denser silicone gel which has the ability to clutch its form similar to a gummy bear. It is designed to enhance the natural look of the breast rather than its magnification. A major drawback of this implant is that they need a bigger opening for inclusion.


PIP implants – This type of breast implant is also considered saline. The implant is filled first before insertion.


Expandable implants – This is a type of spectrum implant that was presented by Mentor Corporation. It is flexible and can be loaded with solution around 25 cc to 140 cc or according to the preliminary size of the implant itself.


Soybean oil filled implants – The one major plus for going with oil, is zero toxicity while at the same time they do deliver a more natural feeling and looking outward results. Your body has the capacity to readily absorb the natural oils with no side effects. The trilucent breast implant is filled with Trilipid Z6, which contains highly refined medical grade triglyceride fats extracted from soybean oil.


A triglyceride is a macromolecule containing three long fatty acid chains bound to a molecule of glycerol. The triglycerides in Trilipid Z6 are composed of 60% polyunsaturated fatty acids, 26% monounsaturated fatty acids, and 14% saturated fatty acids. This implant contains a smaller amount of compact substance than silicone gel as well as saline solution. It permits a good image during mammography even if the implant is still there.


The soybean oil implant has a valve that allows surgeons to adjust its size after implantation and a microchip that allows doctors to track implant information. The trilucent breast implant was supposedly the best implant design so far; however unpredicted complications arose in patients causing the trilucent implant to be removed from the market.

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