Special Nutrition Supplements for Older People

Plethora of physical changes takes place in the body with age and keeping this fact in mind special nutrition supplements for older people should be known. With age the need for calories decreases because there is a decrease in the body mass as well. And therefore, it becomes a challenge to consume all the nutrients within a low calorie diet. Special nutrition supplements for older people, is mainly categorized into two groups.



The first one is for people belonging to the age group of fifty one to seventy years, and the second group is for people who are seventy years and above. Calcium is one of the special nutrition supplements for older people as with age the body loses the ability to absorb calcium in an optimum level. This often leads to decrease in the bone density which can propagate the development of a condition termed osteoporosis. Bone fractures have been one of the major reasons of discomfort during old age. Hence getting the right dosage of calcium special nutrition supplements for older people is necessary.


Vitamin D has the capacity to curb a lot of diseases. After the age of fifty the level of this vitamin in the body tends to decrease and one should make sure that they consume vitamin D rich foods or special nutrition supplements for older people for the same. Neurological problems in old people can occur due to deficiency of vitamin B12 because the body cannot absorb it naturally and consuming supplements for this element can prove to be very helpful. Hypertension is a common problem which bothers people in the old age. And one of the main causes of hypertension is the intake of salt in excessive amounts. One should not consume more than fifteen hundred milligrams of salt on a daily basis.


Around twenty percent of the population who are above the age of sixty five years tends to suffer from constipation because their diet lacks fiber rich foods. Another reason due to which constipation develops might be because of certain medication and it side effects or dehydration. Zinc based special nutrition supplements for older people should also be a part of the diet as it can prevent macular degeneration which is age related. Consumption of zinc based supplements after the age of fifty five years is important as it can also prevent blindness and sometimes, ignorance of the same can lead to macular degeneration which ultimately can cause blindness.  

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