Stay Fit at Home With Home Based Work Out Routines

It is a popular myth that a Stay-At-Home member of the family cannot get as much exercise that an outdoor person normally has. In fact, with the responsibilities of the household, they cannot even find time to take care of themselves. It is far from the truth. These days there are numerous ways that can help you to be fit at home by some simple work-out routines.

For instance, you could make use of the large number of exercise books and videos about getting into shape that are now available in the market, with the only expense and effort being that of purchasing them.


One of the greatest advantages of working out at home is that you can fit it comfortably into your day, between the other priorities and chores of daily life. You would only require an exercise mat and a good pair of shoes. Exercising on bare feet may not be a good idea as there may be slipping accidents or rug catches, you may even develop foot problems later. There may be added equipment required depending on the exercises you have chosen, like steps, exercise ball, stretchy bands on Dyna bands, bikes, treadmills or weight machines. Using hand weights can also be considered, in addition to the original weight-free work out.



Irrespective of the fitness routine you choose, or the video you select, it should keep you motivated and interested, even looking forward to working out three to five times a week. If a particular music or exercise leader in one video annoys you after a while, you may be tempted to push it aside and neglect the exercises. To avoid that from happening, it would be a good idea to make a collection of videos, mixing up styles or exercise leaders. Purchasing even three or four of them would be more economical than enrolling at gym.


Once you get into the daily fitness routine, there are three other home exercise programs you could check out. These are widely accepted as effective and fun to perform.


Home Boxing: This activity involves aerobic boxing routines that do not require any equipment, and boxing routines involving hitting a heavy bag. With the home boxing program, you can get into shape as well as improve your self-defense skills.


Kettle-bell routine: One of the home-exercise programs that is gaining wide popularity these days is kettle-bell training, which does not require dumbbells or weights. A single kettle-bell can be used to perform many kinds of exercises. It is used by highly trained athletes to condition and strengthen themselves. There are several routines that are easy to follow and can be done at home.


Body weight routines: It is advisable to mix up different exercise routines to make them more effective and exciting. There are several methods of working out using your body weight as resistance, like variations on push-ups, body weight dips, chin ups etc. that require no machines or equipment.


It is highly recommended to find a home exercise program that includes the above-mentioned routines, viz., home boxing, kettle-bell and body weight exercises, among others.

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