Staying Fit While in Office

The present work day culture has changed from a 9 to 5 to a 24/7 one. Offices work round the clock and the sleeping-waking cycle of office goers is dependent on their work shift. Modern means of communication have ensured that even after leaving office, we are on call through the day. It is common for a white collar worker to be glued to the phone or to the computer, during the daily commute or after reaching home. We reap financial rewards in plenty; the offside is that with physical and mental stress building up, we are prone to lifestyle diseases.


Our Health in Our Hands



A generation ago, the incidence of maladies like obesity, spondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic fatigue syndrome were rare. These maladies have become common today because of unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. These problems can be avoided by increasing physical movement in our office life. Small changes like taking the stairs instead of the lift, takes a few minutes more, but pays rich dividends in terms of better health.


Office Workout



Walk when you Talk: This slogan is rightly quoted by Abhishek Bachchan from fitness point of view. Park your vehicle as far away from the office as possible and walk the distance. In office, walk around as much as you can. Walk to handover files and papers, to the photocopier and the fax machine and every once an hour to the water cooler. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Just by adding an extra 2000 steps every day, you actually add years to your life.



Take Healthy Snacking: Make a conscious choice to eat healthy. Include healthy sprouts, yoghurt, buttermilk and salads to your lunch box. Ask for multi grain bread for sandwiches, salads and soups and steamed vegetables and oil free rotis, in case you eat out. Instead of tea or coffee, you can opt for butter milk, coconut water or fresh fruit juices.



Maintaining a Perfect Sitting Posture: Use ergonomic office furniture at your work station. The ideal pose while working on the computer is the S shape, with the feet planted firmly on the floor, the spine supported by the chair back and with the eyes in line with the computer screen. The neck should not be bent and the computer keyboard should be placed at a height where the forearms and wrist are supported. Sitting for long periods of time hunched in front of the computer can lead to spinal and vision problems. Every thirty minutes, get up and stretch. You can do a few simple exercises like rolling your shoulders and your neck, taking a break from work.  Blink rapidly and cup the eyes in the palms for a few seconds to cool the eyes.



Exercise at Work: Everyone is fond of having a perfect body, be it male or female but due to extremely busy schedule they are not able to do in-house fitness exercises  or join a gym. Here are few in-office isometric exercises than can be done by both genders:


1.   Move, Move and Move: Whenever you are free start moving in the floor. This will warm up your body and relax the muscles.


2.   Chair Leg Extension: Keeping your back straight and looking parallel to the floor, extend your right leg to the level of your shin. Repeat it with left leg. At least 10 repetitions are more than enough.



3.   Hand Press: After every hour or so, press or club the fingers of your hands against each other and push against them for ten seconds. This will relax your hand stress. Repeat this three to four times every hour.



4.   Wall Push Ups: Stand against the wall and push it with your hands. It’s just like doing vertical push ups.



5.   Overhead Press: Interlock your hands, take the palms away from your body and stretch above your head. This will relax your arms, shoulders, neck and head region.


6.   Flexibility Exercises: While sitting on the chair itself, we can bend sideways, stretch our neck, legs and wrist.



Utilize your Lunch-Break Efficiently: While at office, keep your body hydrated with sufficient water intake. Use your lunch time to eat with your colleagues and get to know them.  If you are lucky enough to have a one hour lunch break, leave your air-conditioned office and walk in the open for at least 15 minutes every day. This break lets you breathe in open air, taking some sunlight refreshes your mind. A post lunch walk also takes away the mid-afternoon sleepiness and keeps your productivity level high. Still if there is no place to walk around, do the above mentioned stretching exercises or have a walk in open air or adjacent friend’s office.



Though it is quite difficult but maintain a proper schedule and don’t mix office work with personnel work. Make a proper planner regarding your eating time, workout time and sleeping time. Stick to a proper time-table.

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