Stop Gray Hair Vitamins

Several individuals go for messy dyeing or hair colouring styles as a solution to cover up the graying hair not knowing that there are other simple alternatives that can stop the gray hair. Grey hair always occurs as people age though there are vitamins that can solve this nightmare. Hair colour is always as a result of pigmentation that is caused by chemicals namely phaeomelanin and eumelanin. The dark colouring of the hair is caused by the presence of melanin. This in turn shows that lack of melanin leads to light hair colour. Difference in hair colour and hair texture varies between people with different ethnicity and migration among others.  

It is also known that one’s hair can change over time and it may change to more than one colour. The Grey hair is a typical occurrence as one grows old or it may be due to thyroids imbalance. Other individuals inherit the grey hair trait genetically thus; they are born with grey hairs. Other people experience premature graying of the hair in that, it starts as early as twenty to thirty years while others do not grey at all even at over fifty years. Apart from this, it is true that age plays a big role when it comes to grey hair because the cells starts producing less pigments as someone grows older.
It is important to know the facts concerning the grey hair for you to be able to control it by all means. Some of these facts include; Grey hair may be hard to colour because it is more resistant to the hair dye or colour due to the reduced amount of melanin. At times the grey hair can occur due to a medical condition especially when one is deficient in B12. For the individuals ho smoke, grey hair is likely to occur faster as compared to the non smokers because smoking accelerates the grey colouring and hair loss as well.
It is possible to reverse or to prevent the grey hair by taking a tablet known as melancor. This is a newly introduced product which has helped several people greatly. It works in two different ways such as; it is capable of stimulating the melanocytes which helps in increasing one’s body ability to produce melanin pigments which in turn facilitates the growth of black normal hair. This drug can also speed up the profound mleanocytes activity by mobilizing the stored melanin and moves it out of the hair cell which leads to the increased number and increase in size of hair strands and pigments in the individual’s hair colour.
Stress and depression are other things that may cause grey hair colour therefore it is advised that one should not stress him or herself too much so as to prevent gray colour hairs from growing. Poor diet may also lead to the growing of grey hair so it is important to take in a diet that has important nutrients for the functioning of the body. The grey hair is always a sign for old age and it is a natural phenomenon. Not even a single person enjoys having the grey hair because it is a sign for old age. The only problem is when they occur at a premature age. This is a great problem which faces the young generation currently because they are so concerned about their looks.
This problem in youth comes due to decrease in pigment called melanin in their hair follicles. The only natural ways to prevent this situation of premature graying of the hairs is by; doing away with mental worries from one’s life because it is believed that stress facilitates the condition. The most advisable way is maintenance of a healthy diet which is full of green vegetables and fruits because they are the best when it comes to the graying of the hair and they can also help in reversing the grey hair to black. One’s diet should be rich in adequate vitamin B, iodine, iron and copper because these nutrients tend to slow down the growth grey hairs at an early age. This problem can also be solved by the use of coconut oil and henna or by the use of gooseberry to cover the grey hair.

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