Stretch mark removal

General issues with people who have stretch marks, I was pregnant so I have these stretch marks, I gained weight very quickly, I lost weight fast, I train the gym etc. Stretch marks also occur even when teenagers strike puberty, quick hormonal changes. Stretch marks occur when the middle layer of the skin stretches beyond the usual capacity of the elasticity of the body. Stretch marks are very common in region like upper arms, thighs, behind the knee owing to the fact that these regions have to under go maximum strain.


Normal off the counter creams will aid in stretch mark removal. These stretch mark removal creams are basically cosmetic and not medicated in nature, so these creams and lotions are for people who do not suffer from extremely deep set stretch marks. These stretch mark removal techniques are less expensive but do not guarantee stretch mark removal permanently.


Chemical peeling is a good strategy for stretch mark removal. Chemical peeling allows the dead skin cells to be removed from the upper layer of the skin by using a mild acid. It is painless and the acid feels like water, which means it does not burn your skin literally; the mild acid enables the skin to exfoliate faster than it normally would. This treatment is usually used in cases of hyper pigmentation but currently dermatologists are also using this technique for stretch mark removal.


Dermabrasion is also another par excellence technology which is used to abrogate dark spots and marks and aid in stretch mark removal. Laser technology for stretch mark removal is extremely efficient. Owing to its state of art technology, the laser has the ability to focus on the exact affected area, be it hyper pigmentation or be it stretch marks, laser treatment has done wonders.


Laser removes the region that is affected by some skin problem and this enables the skin to bring to the surface new and stretch marks free skin. Like all medical technologies have their side effects. Laser treatment for stretch mark removal has a painless procedure with immaculate results; one can have a swollen area on which the laser treatment was performed. It is reported that surgical stretch mark removal is a very safe option and has delivered par excellence results. It is a conventional and a well tried and tested procedure. With this technique the doctor manually removes the skin affected by any skin problem and when it comes to stretch marks the layer of skin which needs to be targeted for stretch mark removal is completely removed.


Cosmetic surgeons also offer non surgical treatments. Blue light therapy is also a good option when it comes to non surgical methods. Numerous drugs have also contributed to giving people stretch marks as sources claim, contraceptives have played a major role, Prednisone, Dianette and many corticosteroids have also contributed to creating stretch marks. A happy nature, regular skin care regime, healthy diet and exercise also aid you in the process of stretch mark removal.

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