Stretch mark treatment

A stretch mark is scarring on the upper layer of the skin, namely, epidermis. It is caused by tearing of the dermis, the inner layer of the skin. Yes, you do know these things, but what I wish to tell you is that if you ignore them you they will be a permanent feature on your body. The foundation does not work on it and nor does any other make up in case you are thinking the stretch mark is an easy thing to get rid of. More than 75% of people get stretch marks due to pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes the stretch marks may appear when you are through the sixth month. Bearing the child and bringing it into the world is a great feeling but when you look at yourself I am sure stretch marks are not what you wish to see. Cocoa butter is considered to be a good moisturiser which can soften and smooth your skin and ease stretch marks.

Laser treatments are also available to cure stretch marks. An effective and a widely used stretch mark treatment is an anti stretch mark cream. Stretch mark creams prove to be highly efficient and reportedly many people are satisfied with the results their stretch mark removal creams have given them. More than often your diet plays a major role when it comes to skin related issues. Have lots of water, a healthy and a balanced diet have no shortcuts. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are extremely important for your skin, so make sure you supply you body well with them. Proteins, Vitamins and minerals aid in increasing the elasticity of your skin, which gives your skin the agency to stretch a bit more than what it could normally do. With better elasticity of the skin, you will have fewer wrinkles and fewer stretch marks.

Stretch marks are purplish coloured lines at the outset but later transform into white coloured lines easily visible on your skin. Aloe Vera oil, Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E cream has also proved to be an effective stretch mark treatment. Usually, these creams and ointments work only when you have not delayed their usage which means that after years of having stretch marks if one fine day you decide to see the magical effect of an anti stretch mark cream, it won’t happen! Bio oil stretch mark treatment may be helpful in certain cases but if you have deep set stretch marks you may wish to consider chemical peeling as an option.

 In the process of chemical peeling, a mild acid is used which burns away the top layer of the skin leaves the newly formed skin exposed, which is free of stretch marks. Strivectin-SD has also been in the market since some time now and with good reviews it is worth a try. Keep your body and skin well hydrated and follow the above stretch mark treatment to flaunt your beautiful skin.

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