Stretch marks lotion

Stretch marks come into being when the inner layer of the skin is stretched beyond the limits of endurance. Initially they are seen as red or purple lines on the surface of the skin and later they turn into silver or white lines. Usually these stretch marks are seen in women in the phases of post pregnancy. A few decades ago a stretch mark post pregnancy was considered inevitable and perhaps, a normal sign, dated further back, pregnancy stretch marks were made of honour, the honour of motherhood. Well needless to say what goes on with the pleasure of bringing a new life on earth is also accompanied by leaving marks of the birth on your skin. Now, in the contemporary society where women are not just into the role of daughters, wife’s and mothers, they also individuals who want to look good regardless of what their role demands them to “accept”.


These days with the advent of a variety of anti stretch marks lotion and creams stretch marks are bid adieu permanently if one uses it on time. Do not waste a number of months and think that if you now apply anti stretch marks lotion it will work like magic. Over time the stretch marks may fade but the scars will remain. So what an anti stretch marks lotion does is, it removes the scars post pregnancy or extreme weight gain or loss. If you gain or loose weight very quickly, you can not prevent the coming of stretch marks. So next time you go on a diet or hit the gym to loose weight quickly, do think about the adverse effects, which would be easily visible on your skin.



Stretch marks lotion contain an important anti stretch mark ingredient Vitamin E. This also means that a diet rich in vitamin A, C and E will be helpful to prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks lotions will not be able to work independently until and unless you provide your skin and body with excellent hydration. Keeping your body hydrated will work wonders for your skin and regular exercises will increase the elasticity of your skin. The skin under goes its wear and tear process and has to supplied with enough vitamins and minerals to compensate the loss. The fundamental rule is if the cost price is more than the selling price, it is a loss. The skin does so by showing you wrinkles and stretch marks day in and day out.


 What costs the skin is more than what is visible and the loss remains hidden beneath the skin layers. When the stress of the skin shows on the surface, stretch marks lotion can come to the rescue. In the market, a soft-E-lotion with a high concentration of vitamin E will increase the elasticity of your skin and enable it to manage stress and strain. Stretch marks lotion with Vitamin E and anti oxidants can help your skin shed dead cells and reveal a rejuvenated and a stretch mark free skin.

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