Summer Make up Tips

Summers in India can play havoc with your skin and make up. The torrid heat and humidity bring problems like sunburn, darkening of the skin and prickly heat.  As your body attempts to overcome the rise in body temperature by sweating simultaneously oily skin and constantly running make up present new challenges. Beat the heat and present a dewy look with the help of the following summer make up tips and tricks:

Go Light On Makeup


Light Make-Up During Summers: Summer make up needs to be light on the skin and non-greasy. Use aqua based waterproof foundation, dab on a light dusting of powder on the T zone and you are ready to go! If you have very fair skin, use a bronzer to get a lightly tanned look.


Avoid Dark Make-Up During Summers: Lipsticks and eye shadow in frosted pink and pastel shades complete the summer look. Avoid stark black mascara and eye shadow and experiment with adventurous shades of browns, blues and greens instead! Shape your eyebrows regularly as unkempt eyebrows make your face look dull.



Waterproof Makeup


To prevent the embarrassment of makeup wash out in public during summers go for waterproof makeup kits that are available in the market. Few of them include waterproof mascara, foundation, eye liners and stay on lipsticks.




Nurture Your Skin


Sunscreen- A Necessity in Summers: Remember to use sunscreen every time you step out and protect your skin from premature ageing, pigmentation and drying of skin. Cleanse and dry your face before applying moisturiser –cum- sunscreen lotion. Allow your skin 15 minutes to absorb the lotion before proceeding with the rest of your make up.


Hair Removal- A Must During Summers: Use gentle methods of hair removal and exfoliation on a regular basis. Removal of body hair helps prevent body odour while exfoliation sloughs off dead skin and imparts a glow to the skin.


Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Hydrate your skin from within by drinking plenty of water and juices. Use a spritzer of diluted rose water as an instant freshener for your face.


Summer Hair Styles


Summers are a time to go short. Pixie bobs, blunt cuts and the Lady Di cuts are evergreen hair styles which keep you looking cool. For those with long hair, the fishtail braid, French plait or simple pony tails are styles which keep hair away from your face and neck. For an evening out, style your hair in a cool chignon.




Summer Clothing


Summer calls for loose, flowing cotton clothes. For the young and young at heart, summer is the time to wear colourful shorts, capris and T shirts. For the less adventurous, loose tops, kurtis and kaftans serve just as well.  For the office goer, nothing beats the appeal of a crisp, starched cotton sari.



Keep Summer Skin Problems at Bay


Summer is also the time when skin needs extra case. Sunburn can be avoided with the use of sunscreens. If you do get sunburnt, natural remedies like sandalwood, coconut milk. Aloe Vera and honey help heal your skin.


Prickly Heat Problems During Summers



Prickly heat is the reaction of the skin to the bacteria which breed in the body’s perspiration. Prickly heat is peculiar to the summers and can be embarrassing and painful. Bathing twice a day with medicated soap, using clean cotton clothes and using medicated talks help avoid prickly heat.



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