Supplements to Increase Sex Drive

 Male libido is linked to the levels of testosterone in the body and to good circulation. Underlying health problems like obesity, drug dependency affect hormone secretion and adversely affect circulation, both which lead to decrease in sex drive in men. To correct loss of libido, it is important to understand that overall good health leads to a healthy sex drive. Loss of libido has physical as well as psychological causes.

Obesity should be tackled with a disciplined approach to eating and exercise. Stress levels can be controlled with a combination of exercise and relaxation techniques. Alcohol and drug dependency are major contributors to poor circulation. These dependencies can be cured using therapy and lifestyle changes that can result in improving overall health and stimulating the glands and restore body to normal condition. 

The main physical factors contributing to loss of libido in men are fatigue and stress, high cholesterol levels and poor circulation. There cannot be long lasting correcting of low sec drive without life style changes. Healthy eating, moderate exercise, inclusion of foodstuff containing Vitamin B12 can be of help.  Reducing cholesterol levels are the steps to a long term cure of this problem.  

Herbs Used in  Sex libido enhancing supplements

To aid treatment, there are a variety of herbs available in Nature.  Many of the formulations available in the market for increasing sex drive contain any one or a combination of the herbs mentioned below. It is advisable to use these medications under medical advice:
Korean Ginseng: Korean Ginseng is used in Chinese traditional medicine to relieve stress and improve circulation. 
Gingko Bilboa: Gingko Bilboa is used in Oriental traditional medicine to boost testosterone levels, reduce cholesterol and to improve circulation.
St John’s Wort: St John’s Wort is prescribed as a mild sedative to ensure restful sleep and to reduce stress levels
Oats and sunflower seeds have essential fatty acids which boost libido and sex drive. Pumpkin seeds also provide essential fatty acids, plenty of zinc and magnesium, and control prostate problems. 
Maca and tribulus are herbs which can be taken to lower blood pressure and to improve circulation. Maca is also known as “Peruvian Ginseng". This extract is from a vegetable, reputed and proven to increase energy and hormone levels this is proven to be effective in regulating estrogen/testosterone levels and correcting overall lack of energy.
Damiana: Damiana is an herb of Mexican origin. The dried leaves of this herb have been used as an aphrodisiac. It is effective in regulating hormone levels, reducing stress and in correcting circulatory problems.
Tongkat Ali: This is a Malaysian aphrodisiac and is used as a decoction from the leaves and roots of a tree. It increases the testosterone levels in the blood and reduces anxiety.
Saw Palmetto: The fruits of this tree have been used in Native American medicine to correct prostrate problems.


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