Symptoms Causes for Arthritis

One of the most common yet troublesome diseases is Arthritis. Having knowledge on the causes, symptoms and the treatment for Arthritis helps you to eradicate until some extent. We can’t hide the true that Arthritis is a painful and very troubling disease. Though, if you think that you are having this disease, you can control it to some extent making the situation even more comfortable.

For this, you need to have basic knowledge on the causes and the symptoms of the Arthritis. Having inflammation in any of the joints in the body is called as Arthritis. This is normally present in the 50’s of the people. These days, certain individuals also have it. There are so many factors, which cause Arthritis. People may get Arthritis through genetics. Medical experts were unable to tell on the percent of the genetic variations, which contribute for Arthritis.
Arthritis is also caused due to the growing age of the people. When the individuals grow, the cartilage in the body weakens and loses its capacity to repair for itself. When it happens, the Arthritis will occur at the joints of the body. The third factor causing Arthritis is the weight of the person. If the joint supports much load, it has more tendencies to damage. The fourth cause for Arthritis is having met with an accident. When joints in any part of the body breaks or damages, then abnormalities will form at that particular place and slowly lead to Arthritis. Another important cause for Arthritis is work hazards. The people who work in construction or in assembly line will have more chances for getting Arthritis.

After identifying the causes for the Arthritis, now let’s know some symptoms. The first is the joint pain and the swelling in the joint. The second is the inflammation. You can notice that the joints will be red and warm. The next symptom is losing the flexibility of the joints. Some of the other symptoms include the weight loss, fever, extreme fatigue and deformities in the joints.

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