Symptoms Of Acidity


With upcoming winters, there is increase in the consumption of tea and food that causes acidity in the stomach. Before talking about the symptoms of acidity let us see what acidity is?


What is Acidity?



Gas formation in the stomach thereby leading to heart burn is termed as Acidity. In medical terminology, acidity is called Acid reflux or Gastro Esophageal Reflux disease. In ayurvedic, it is called urdhva gata amalpitta. The cause behind acidity is the reflux seen when the acidic food in the stomach comes back into the lower esophagus or food pipe thereby causing heartburn and gas formation.



Reasons Behind Acidity


The main reason behind Acid Reflux or acidity is the current sedentary life style, intake of excessive amount of stimulants like coffee, tea, alcohol etc. Also, stress and minimum physical ability can lead to acidity.


Let us check out the symptoms that are indicative of acidity in a person.


Common Symptoms of Acidity


Some early signs of acidity which are common to both adults and children are:


1. Headaches


2. Pain and allergies


3. Commonly encountered with cold and flu due to weak immune system



4. Sinus problems and breathing disorders


5. Easy fatigue


6. Indigestion


7. Muscle cramping


8. Heart burn


9. Mouth ulcers


10. Increase in the teeth sensitivity due to accelerated regurgitation process that damages the outer tooth layer, enamel.


11. Nails become too thin and week.


12. Cramping of legs is commonly seen.


Apart from above symptoms, there are additional symptoms seen in children and adults separately.


Symptoms of Acidity in Children


1. Child may experience some respiratory issues like difficulty in breathing.



2. The weight might fluctuate.


3. Regular coughing and vomiting.


Symptoms Specific to Adults


1. Heart burn, pain in chest and stomach, inflammation in chest.


2. There may be change in the voice noticed or ulcer formation in the food pipe/ esophagus, muscular cramping.


3. There may be stabbing sensation in the stomach that is penetrating through the gut.


Hazard Associated with Acidity


Have you ever encountered with acid? What does it do? It damages or completely destroys the outer skin. If it is so devastating for the outer skin then imagine how dangerous it can be for our inner body lining which is so delicate.


Acidity is a sort of slow virus that gradually corrupts the body organs. The first ones to be affected are thyroid glands, adrenals and the liver. Now, if liver is damaged then the body won’t be able to excrete toxic substances thereby leads to toxicity in the body. If at this stage also the treatment is not done then the body acidity reaches the chronic levels that deplete the body oxygen and hence leading to cell death.


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