Taking Care of Teenage Skin Problems

The teen years from thirteen to nineteen, are a period of changes, both physical and mental. The body undergoes puberty and hormonal levels go haywire. Emotional and mental upheavals mark the passage from child to adult.  Needless to say, skin problems are part and parcel of this rapid process of growing up.


Common Teenage Skin Problems


Common Skin Problems Encountered During Teenage Include

  1. Acne

  2. Warts

  3. Excessive sweating

  4. Oily skin

  5. Skin eczema/Dermatitis

Why are Skin Problems Common During the Teenage Years?

Reasons for Teenage Skin Problems

Hormonal Variations During Teenage: Hormonal levels take time to stabilise during the teenage years.  Skin is hypersensitive during these years and reacts to hormonal imbalances in the form of eruptions. Whiteheads, blackheads and acne outbreaks peaking mark the passage of teenage years.

Abrupt Teenage Behavioural Changes: The teenage period is a period of high and low energy levels. Teenagers flummox people around them by being hyperactive and sloth like in turns. The periods of intense physical activity are marked by heightened perspiration levels. Body odour is a common problem reported by teens.


Overactive Sebaceous Glands: Skin on the back and face turns oily and dry in turns due to the high and low levels of sebaceous gland secretion. Added to this teenagers mostly tend to eat oily foods like chips that cause pimples. The oily deposits on facial skin and grime from exposure to the environment block skin pores. This aggravates existing skin conditions and causes painful boils on the back.

Emotional Up-Heavels During Teenage: Teenagers vacillate between emotional highs and lows. These mood swings and stressors like peer pressure and parental expectations aggravate pre-existing skin conditions like eczema by affecting the hormonal balance.

Low Grade Cosmetic Use: Use of cosmetics with high chemical content like facial creams, hair color and shampoos may trigger skin related problems.



Prevention of Teenage Skin Problems


Maintain Good Personnel Hygiene: Teenagers should be encouraged to maintain proper personal hygiene. The benefits of taking a bath every day and wearing clean clothes made from natural fibres should be stressed. Depending upon the skin type, regular cleaning of the skin with proper cleansers and skin cosmetics should be encouraged.



Avoid Touching Skin: Picking or squeezing of pimples should not be done. In case of acne outbreaks consult a dermatologist.

Protect Your Skin: Though vitamin D is compulsory for body but excess of it can damage the skin. So, it is advised to have adequate protection while going out. Moreover, avoid using cosmetic products till the skin problem is there.

Dandruff Problem: As a result of dry skin, dandruff occurs which can further lead to acne formation. A trichologist should be consulted to solve acute or chronic cases of dandruff.


Diet and Teenage Skin Problems: Diet is an integral part playing key role in treating skin problems. Teenagers should be encouraged to have fresh fruits and vegetables and abstain from junky diet. Certain foods that are helpful in treating acne are high fibre foods, yogurts and probiotic supplements.


Healing Techniques for Teenage Skin Problems

Ayurvedic Skin Treatment: Ayurveda advocates avoidance of greasy food and inclusion of non-spicy, organic foods in the diet as a cure as well as prevention for acne.  In addition, medicines to purify the blood and cooling the digestive system are prescribed. Pastes made from turmeric and sandalwood is recommended to be applied on the skin eruptions to help heal the skin.  Applying neem and black kosh over the acne is helpful.  Many Ayurvedic practitioners recommend drinking plenty of water to flush away body wastes that cause acne mostly in teenagers.


Homeopathic Skin Treatment: Homeopathy aims at attacking the root cause by toning up the digestive and excretory systems. Medicines like Nux Vomica, Arsenic, Silica, Kali bromatum and Sulphur are prescribed for acne.  China is prescribed for girls who get exhausted after heavy flow during periods. Magnesium phosphoricum is given for pain during menstrual cycles. For girls with erratic periods Pulsatilla is prescribed.


Allopathic Skin Treatment: Allopathy prescribes topical applications of lotions to dry acne and whiteheads. Often medicines are prescribed to regulate oil secretions. Retinol is the new wonder drug which is effective in severe acne cases.

Tips for Teenagers to Avoid Skin Problems


  1. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water

  2. Using of SPF 15 or 30 is recommended while outing.

  3. Avoid junky diet and go for home made food.

  4. Maintain good personnel hygiene.

  5. Avoid cheap and duplicate cosmetics. Access your skin type and use products accordingly.

  6. Keep washing your hands and face at regular intervals to prevent bacterial accumulation.

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