Talcum Powder or Deodorants

Personal grooming has become very important in today’s world where first impressions do matter. Body odour denotes a lack of personal grooming comes on the list of top ten things that create a bad impression

Skin all over our body has sweat glands and sweat pores which have an important function to excrete liquid waste and bring body temperature within a healthy range .This is why we sweat more when our body temperature goes up.  Certain parts of our body like armpits, forehead and sides of the nose have a higher concentration of sweat glands. The sweat on the exposed parts of the body dries with exposure to air. But, sweat secreted by unexposed areas like armpits do not dry immediately.  Bacteria proliferate in the damp skin and cause an offensive odour.


Means to Control Body Odour

There is no way to eliminate perspiration. It is also not healthy to stop the body from sweating.  It is however possible to keep bacteria causing body odour at bay by keeping the underarms clean and dry. Deodorants and talcum powders help in keeping underarms dry and odour free.

Talcum powders are made from superfine talc rocks which are crushed, dried and milled. Fragrances and antiseptic powders are added to soothe the skin.



Benefits of Talcum Powder

Talcum powders are applied after a bath and drying off the body. A light dusting of talc of parts of the body prone to excessive perspiration helps control body odour for up to 8-12 hours.  Talcum powder is also preferred for the nice fragrance it lends to the body.

There has been considerable controversy over the asbestos content in talcum powders which are carcinogenic and hence pose a health risk. The fibres in talcum powders have been known to travel through the blood stream and cause breast and ovarian cancer.


Benefits of Deodorants

Deodorants are available in stick, liquid and spray forms. Deodorants work by shrinking the sweat pores and by preventing perspiration. The fragrance in deodorants control bacteria formation which cause body odour.

Deodorants have been known to cause skin irritation and allergic skin out breaks. Prolonged use of deodorants can cause darkening of skin and skin allergies. Pricewise also, deodorants are less economical as compared to talcum powders. The packaging of deodorants in aerosol containers is harmful to the environment.  On the plus side, deodorants last longer than talcum powders and are handy to use.


Diffrence Between Deodorant and Talcum Powder

Although talcum powders and deodorants have their pluses and minuses, it is difficult to make a clear cut choice between the two.

A healthy alternative to the problem of body odour is to use homemade remedies like a mixture of baking powder and corn starch. The mixture is easy to make and economical, environment friendly, effective and is safe for use.

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