Tatoo Removal Options

Tattoo is a kind of modification done to the body by inserting ink into the skin. This leads to change in the pigment. Tattooing has been prevalent in many parts of the world from centuries. During earlier days tattooing was done for religious or cultural purposes. In the present times tattooing has become part of fashion and many people do it just for the sake of fun.


Cosmetic Usage


Tattoos are also used for cosmetic purposes like covering up of scars, moles etc., which are otherwise very prominent. Some people even give permanent coloring to their lips using tattoo.


Most of the individuals who get permanent tattoos done, later regret doing so. If the process of getting a tattoo is painful, the removal can be even more painful and very expensive. There are many reasons due to which people opt for tattoo removal. It could be due to their change in lifestyle, job requirement or for various other personal reasons.


There are various methods used for the removal of tattoos, few of them are as detailed below:


Traditional Tattoo Removal Techniques


During earlier times and in places where technology is not that modern, tattoo are removed by the using dermabrasion, Sal abrasion, or excision


Surgical Removal or Excision


Cannot be used for very large tattoos and if used may require many surgical and healing process. The process involves cutting the skin after using a local anesthetic. The part of the skin with tattoo is removed and then the skin surrounding the area is joined together with sutures. This is a very painful process and at times may require two to three sessions for slightly larger tattoos. The chances of infection are more and also there will definitely be a very high possibility of permanent scarring.




This is another painful procedure of tattoo removal and the chances of successful removal are also not guaranteed. In this method the skin is made numb with chemical solutions and the top layers of the skin are removed using a grinding machine. This causes bleeding and is extremely painful. As in the earlier case there is also the fear of infection.



Sal  Abrasion


The process involves application of salt water to the area before removing the tattoo. Then the process is same as for dermabrasion. It is painful, causes infection and scarring. There are chances of the process being a failure as in the earlier case.


Modern Tattoo Removal Procedures



With the advent of technology, there has been a lot of change in the process of tattooing and removal of tattoo. These techniques are less painful and reduce the chances of infection compared to the earlier ones.


Laser Removal Process


This is presently the most commonly used procedure for removal of tattoo. This treatment may require many sittings depending on the size of the tattoo and the extent to which the tattoo needs to be removed. In this process highly concentrated light pulses are sent to the area. This helps in breaking down the ink into very tiny fragments. These tiny particles are then attacked by the scavenger cells produced due to the action of the body’s immune system. These particles are then flushed out of the body. Though the technique is very advanced and the possibility of scarring is nil. But there are certain rare cases where the chances of minor scarring and failure of tattoo removal exists.



It is a painful and expensive option. In order to get the desired result some may have to undergo 10-12 sessions and in case of colored tattoos even more. The cost of the treatment per session may range from $ 250 - $850 per session and the duration of treatment can range from 3 weeks to 3 months. And another painful part is that even after all this some colored tattoos still remain.


Intense Pulse Light Therapy


This is the latest technology in the process of tattoo removal and is considered to be very effective. Apart from being effective it is also more popular as it is less painful. The procedure involves application of certain gels to the area and using a wand which emits light pulses on the area. Apart from being the most effective and less painful mode of treatment, it is a very expensive procedure. The charges are based on the number of pulses per session and each pulse may be charged upto $10. Due to the high cost of treatment it is an affordable option to only very few individuals.


Using Tattoo Removal Creams 


There are various creams available in the market which claims to remove tattoos. There is no established fact that they really work. Some creams may help in reducing the visibility of the tattoos or rather help them fade. This is not really recommended either.


Rather than removing a tattoo there is another option known as cover up tattoo and is becoming very common. This can mainly be used for small to medium sized tattoos. This is just like doing a tattoo, so is less expensive and painful compared to removal of tattoos.

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