Temporary Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips

Are you getting fed up with your daily wear lipsticks or with the range lip products floating around in the market? Then try the latest trend in the fashion stream temporary lip tattoos that can give you a unique and vivid look. Ordinary lipsticks in the market offers you vibrant colours with lot of textures like mat finish, with gloss and much more but the temporary lip tattoos gives you a distinct and variable patterns to your lips. Prints of animals, shiny and glittering designs, polka dots are some of the latest and classic options for making your lips violent.


How to Get Your Temporary Lip Tattoos?




Temporary lip tattoos works almost similar to the normal temporary tattoos that people use for in other parts of the body. The pattern that you choose is placed on one side of the paper used for transferring the design. And for applying your favourite design as a tattoo on your lips cut this paper in the exact shape that can match your lips and place it with the printed side facing your lips. Use paper towels or a moist cotton ball to dampen the paper with the print and slowly but carefully peel it off to reveal the new identity of your lips with the temporary tattoo.


Maintaining Your Lip Tattoos


The new and striking look of your lips with the temporary lip tattoos can last for about four to eight hours but all depending on how good your manage them and take care of them. Intake of oil foods, application of other related cosmetics or frequent licking of your lips can make your tattoos wear off faster. The instructions that normally comes with the tattoos set also says that you need to make the motion of an ‘ah’ while you apply the temporary lip tattoos on your lips to make sure that they don’t peel or crack when you open your mouth after applying the tattoo.


Precautions to be Taken Before Applying Lip Tattoos


Lip tattoos are available in various designs and types and obviously can give you the stylish as well as new look. But then there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before going for this. One variety of temporary tattoos is the one that can be applied to your lips by using some water on the transfer paper and the same can be wiped off easily. But then most of you are not aware of the effects of these tattoos and what damage they may cause to the human skin and body especially lips if you are not using the right product.


Should be FDA Approved: Make sure that the lip tattoo that you are using is approved by the FDA of that particular country before you use the same. FDA has certain set rules and regulations to need to follow by every company to make their entry into the market and to sell their products.



No Skin Infections Should be There: Next is none of us are now aware of the diseases or infections that a person is carrying. Hence make sure that the person who you are going for the process of tattooing doesn’t carry any kind of infections that can get transferred to you in the process. It is always better to get the temporary lip tattoo packages available in the market and apply the same by yourself as they can help you in avoiding such situations.



Use Approved Tattoo Instruments: Inks and other materials that are used in manufacturing your tattoo design should be approved and proper. Any tattoo that comes with allergic and toxic ingredients can spoil your lips. The tendency to be allergic varies with age and skin type hence these factor should be given due importance before going in for tattooing.


Temporary lip tattoos are always fun and beautiful to watch but make sure that you have done a complete research and made enough studies on the topic before trying it for yourself. There are several websites that can guide you through the process and also about safety measures and reliable products. Removal or temporary tattoos should not be ones that leaves a permanent damage to your lips or the skin on the lips. With great care comes great look and great confidence.


Temporary lip tattoos should be applied by people who feel the look can go with their costume and face and also depending on the occasions. They are not for everyday wear or normal office wear but yes they can surely lit up your looks in a party or disco wear. The lip tattoos comes in dozen of patterns and styles and colours. You can make a choice of your lip tattoo even from the concerned websites that has designs of varied tattoos. With experience and care you can apply tattoos on your own to the lips. Want to try out a different look and surprise everyone then, try a temporary lip tattoo today. 

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