Testicular Cancer

When malignant tumors occur in either or both the testes (2 out of 100 cases) in a man, this is called testicular cancer.Men who are in the age group of 20 to 40 years are most likely to fall prey to this illness.Sometimes even young/adolescent men are afflicted by testicular cancer. However,this group represents only 3% of the total number of people who have testicular cancer. Caucasian men are more at risk for this ailment than Asian or African men. 


Causes and Risk factors

  1. When a person is afflicted by Klinefelter’s Syndrome (a situation where the man is affected by sterility, lower sex hormones, large breasts and so on, due to sex chromosome abnormality)

  2. A person who has the problem of un-descended testicles is more at risk

  3. Men whose mothers had consumed diethylstilbestrol when pregnant (This drug was prescribed between the late thirties and the early seventies to help treat complications during pregnancy)

Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

  1. A sensation of heavy testicles

  2. A sensation of swelled scrotum and accumulation of fluid in it

  3. Gradual development of abnormal breasts

  4. Tenderness in the nipple region

  5. Back pain

  6. Pain in the pelvis and groin area

  7. In the more advanced stages the symptoms will include

a).      Increase in the mass of the abdomen

b).      Persistent coughing

c).      Difficulty experienced while expelling urine

d).      Unexplained lethargy and exhaustion

e).      Unexplained weight loss

f).      Paleness of complexion

g).      Persistent shortness of breath for no reason


Treatment of Testicular Cancer


As in other ailments, the sooner the tumor is identified, the easier it is to treat it. In such cases, there are fewer complications and the treatment opted for is less aggressive. There are basically three types of treatments. 


Surgery of Testicular Cancer


When the affected testes is removed by means of an incision in the groin area, this operation is called radical inguinal orchiectomy. Removing the affected testes, in no way, hampers a man from leading a normal life. During this operation, some lymph nodes (situated well inside the abdomen) are also removed




High energy rays are directed on the tumor in order to destroy the cancer cells or kill them. However, radiation also deprives a man of healthy cells too, which get destroyed during the therapy. 




Chemotherapy is opted for when the patient contacts doctor only after the cancer is advanced. It is also prescribed when the cancer has spread to all organs and regions of the body. Drugs that destroy the cancerous cells are prescribed to combat the tumor.


It is heartening to know that most testicular cancers are cured on surgery or after chemotherapy treatment. 

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Cancer of the ceivrx can cause vaginal bleeding.To check, please perform Pap Smear Test
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