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A general study has found the fact than an average woman uses around twelve cosmetic and skin-care products everyday. An integral member of the cosmetic family that is used most commonly is a lipstick. All women use lipsticks, and mostly pride themselves in using branded ones. However, something that goes unnoticed is the fact that women consume harmful items like lead, parabens and many more. Even the reputed brands selling natural lipsticks have tested positive for presence of lead in their lipsticks. So, what should be done? There is a simple, eco-friendly solution to the problem at hand:


Organic Lipsticks


Organic Lipsticks are completely natural with most of its composed of organic components. The manufactures of organic lipsticks are certified by third-party organizations, which are generally accredited agencies related to organic foods and cosmetics. Hence, most of the organic lipsticks that you would normally find in a market should have a genuine certified stamp on it. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why organic lipsticks should be preferred over the others.


A recent study has revealed that a woman normally eats about ten kilograms of lipsticks in her complete lifetime. The general lipsticks that you get are known to have components like lead, parabens, colors and fragrances. These harmful components aren’t exactly the type of things suitable for human diet, and therefore, an organic alternative is far healthier, just in terms of the diet! Organic lipsticks, being 100 percent natural do not cause any harmful effects on consumption.


Organic Lipsticks have originated from the movement of using organic products, such as organic foods, organic fuels and organic cosmetics. Supporting this movement will mean supporting organic farming as a whole. Organic farming, as we all know helps us in saving the environment. Therefore, by using organic lipsticks you can help in making your environment a better place to live in.


Women using general lipsticks consume harmful chemicals. The excretions of such chemicals are circulated throughout the environment. This causes the environment to get more polluted, and moreover the chemicals being inorganic do not disintegrate with time. So, by using organic lipsticks, you can prevent the environment from pollution. Remember, a pollution free environment will make your surroundings a better place to live, and thus ensuring you a better health.


Organic lipsticks are safer in all respects. The general product might be a slow poison for the adult body, but for a child or more specifically an infant, eating a general lipstick by mistake with lead and colors in it can turn out to be extremely dangerous. Therefore, an organic lipstick will save you from any kind of undesirable incidents. The components being organic cause very less problem if misused in wrong places like dresses or walls. It is easier to get off than the normal artificial lipsticks.


Using organic lipsticks can save you from a lot of diseases. Lead, being extremely poisonous has a direct and negative effect on the human nervous system, besides effecting muscle co-ordination, speech and behavior. Lead is also known to increase the chances of illness during pregnancy. On the other hand, parabens are more harmful for women in general, as many studies have related parabens to the cause of breast cancer. There are other harmful effects caused due to the consumption of synthetic colors and fragrances too. These components, found in general lipsticks are sure to make a lasting and devastating effect on your health. More worrying, the ill effects of general lipstick components are more harmful for pregnant women. Therefore it is always safe to use organic lipsticks.


A host of celebrities prefer organic lipsticks to commercially popular ones. Even if you find celebrities in advertisements of popular cosmetic brands, it is an open secret that most of them prefer to use organic lipsticks for better health, and to stay beautiful for a longer time. Therefore, by using organic lipsticks, you join the elite group of environment-friendly group of women, which may contain your all time favorite singer, actress or model too!

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