The Right Face Cream For Your Age

The most basic of face creams perform the essential function of providing moisture to the skin. Often washing and cleansing of the face leaves the face devoid of moisture and essential skin oils. A good face cream will help the skin regain this lost moisture, often also providing a protective layer of required essential oils over the skin.

A face cream in itself can have various different varieties and types. Along with there being products like sunscreens which consist high SPF properties and prevent damage from the sun, daily use Moisturizers also usually contain a certain amount of Sun Protection Factor in them. An SPF with the strength of at least 15 to 40 is sufficient for Indian skin tones and this type of weather conditions. It shields one from the damaging Ultra Violet rays of the summer sun consequently preventing tanning and even serious skin illnesses like Skin Cancer. 
There is also a relatively new yet widely popular range of face creams called Anti-Aging creams that claim to reduce physical indicators of aging such as wrinkles, laugh lines as we like to call them, or sagging skin, spots etc.
Solar exposure damages our skin’s DNA and disrupts natural cell repair system. The latest scientific discoveries reveal that this damage is far too deep for a sunscreen lotion to repair because the real damage is going deep at the DNA level which is invisible but this is the first step towards premature aging and even skin cancer. The three skin layers viz. the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis together perform the functions of protection, moisture retention and support. DNA inside each cell controls its function. Damaging the DNA means paralyzing the cells. And the most important reason for DNA damage is the free radical attack which is the primarily the result of UV rays from the sun. These invisible UVA and UVB rays are two major foes of the skin. UVB penetrates the top most skin layer causing sun burn and skin cancer, but the UVA rays penetrate deeper and are likely to cause longer-term malformations which include wrinkling, discoloration, leathery skin and even Melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, in its advance stages. The conventional belief that sunscreen with high SPF prevents DNA damaging is wrong. This is because the SPF ratings are only a measure of a lotions capability to block UVB rays. But it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deeper and are more damaging for the DNA and hence the skin layers. As technology advances, more products are being explored to support the skin’s natural repair mechanism. The results of some of these Anti-Aging face cream discoveries are revolutionary. There are other products in this skin cream range like day creams, that restrict UVA, UVB, penetration and the night creams allow the skin to focus on its cell repair and regeneration, naturally.
There is of course a certain way and a procedure that one follows when applying on face. It is important that you do this, for like they say, ‘ there a method to every madness’!
First you need to thoroughly wash and clean your face using a cleanser or perhaps a scrub or face wash. Scooping a minute quantity of the face cream put it on your middle, ring and pinky fingers. However one should avoid using the thumb and the index fingers seeing that they have the supreme strength out of all the fingers and could possibly pull delicate skin tissue. Pressing the fingers of both the hands on to the center of the forehead, one can start working the cream little by little in the outward direction. On the other hand one should always just pat gently and softly around and most especially under the eye, using one finger, preferably the ring finger.It is advised to work the face cream equally over and around the jaw line, chin, mouth and cheeks using small but firm movements in a circular motion in counter-clockwise directions. It is very important that you do not pull on the skin or be harsh while applying the face cream.Also when massaging from the neck up, start from the collarbone and move up to the chin, all the while massaging the cream over the throat using upward strokes.

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