The Right Way To Apply Sunscreens

Sunscreens protect the body from harmful UV rays of the sun and from the possible risk of premature ageing of skin, formation of early wrinkles, skin cancer and malignant melanoma. 


Applying sunscreen effectively will hardly take more than 5 minutes of your time. 


Here is Step by Step Strategy to Apply it


1. Buy a sunscreen that you are not allergic to; buy a good quality product that suits your skin


2· A sunscreen with the micronized titanium oxide or zinc oxide as the main ingredient is preferable


3· Try using the spray type sunscreens. The advantage is that you can apply it better on the back and shoulders as compared to other forms of sunscreen. However, you have to be extra careful that the spray does not get into your eyes or mouth


4· Shake the container well before applying as particles may have settled down at the bottom of the container


5· Applying the sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before sun exposure ensures that your skin has completely absorbed it before you step out


6· If you want to apply a moisturizer, do it before applying sunscreen


7· Once the sunscreen is absorbed there is less chance of it being removed by perspiration


8· Apply sunscreen more generously on the nose, cheeks and ears as these areas are more exposed


9· Apply also on face, hands, shoulders, back and back of legs


10· You will need an ounce or about a handful of lotion/cream to cover all exposed areas of the body; you will need to use almost the same amount when applying on children


11· Apply the sunscreen once in every two hours


12· If you are out swimming, then you have to apply it more frequently as water removes the sunscreen faster even though the product is touted as “water-proof”. 


13· Most waterproof sunscreens protect for a maximum of 80 minutes. So you will have to apply the cream again after 80 minutes in the water


14· You can ask your friend to apply sunscreen, on areas you cannot reach up to easily


15· It is important to apply sunscreen whenever you are out in the open and not just in summer. This is because the sun’s UV rays are no less harmful on a cloudy, dark day as it is on a bright day of summer!


16· Sunscreens come with different SPF (sun protection factor) numbers, ranging fro 15 to 50. You have to remember that application of sunscreen with a lower SPF like 15, on a daily basis, is a much healthier practice than applying a sunscreen with a high SPF, (like 50 or 45) only on occasions when you go out in the sun


It is thus important that the sunscreen is applied the right way to accrue its maximum benefit.



Blurb: Sunscreens protect the human skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It is necessary that you apply sunscreen on a daily basis so that your skin is always protected when you step out. Applying the sunscreen in the right manner will protect your skin effectively from a wide range of skin problems both major and minor. 

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