Thermage face lift surgery

Thermage skin treatment is a path-breaking non-surgical procedure that can lift the skin and tighten it in order to achieve a younger, smoother complexion. Face lift surgery can scar the skin and also cause a lot of discomfort to a person, where as the Thermage skin treatment is quick, effective, quite painless and non-scarring. The cost also is nominal, about $2000 per treatment. It has therefore become popular today and is an option for almost everyone looking for an aesthetic face lifting treatment. 



How Thermage face lift surgery works

Energy created by radio frequency is sent inside the skin to come in contact with the interior layers. Skin that has lost its elasticity due to deterioration of the collagen composition and also because of exposure to sunlight becomes tight, supple and appears younger and smoother.    The most significant reason why Thermage treatment is popular is that it need not be repeated for attaining the required effect. One exposure to Thermage treatment is sufficient to treat the skin problem.
The whole process lasts for a minimum of twenty minutes or for a maximum of 120 minutes. The more the area to be covered, the more time the treatment takes. For a person to feel the full effect of the treatment it will take 180 days; that is the time for the collagen to start maintaining its optimum balance. In this process, the collagen is stimulated making way for a more supple skin. 

Who needs Thermage treatment?

  •  People who want to be treated for sagging skin
  •  People who want a “tummy tuck” to repair a sagging stomach, either after a pregnancy or after losing weight
  •  People who want a body lift; people who want to improve upon the skin laxity all over the body
  •  People who want to repair the skin around the eyes when it starts sagging or when crow’s feet form
  •  People who want a well contoured body

Is there pain in thermage face lift surgery?

There is little or no pain when the treatment is on. When the radiofrequency waves reach the skin, there may be a tingling sensation of flowing heat. Some professionals advise a pain killer to ward this off. Every time heat flows in, it means the skin is being prepared for fresh growth and maintenance of collagen. 
Advantages Of Thermage Skin Care surgery

  •  Thermage skin treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical and requires no recovery time
  •  It can treat a wide range of skin problems related to aging, sun exposure and other abnormalities
  •  It is less expensive than other anti aging treatments like laser facelifts
  •  It is a one-time process as it rejuvenates the skin and brings back its suppleness by natural processes; by building healthy collagen
  •  Side effects (blisters, inflammation, redness) are very minor and temporary
  •   Is Thermage Treatment Safe

Thermage skin treatment is a safe and effective solution to myriad skin problems related to aging. The treatment is neither complicated nor expensive. It costs about $2000, much less than other cosmetic treatments. It is very effective and does not need repetition. It takes four to six months for the effect of the treatment to become apparent.


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