Tips for Applying Foundation

Get free tips to apply the foundation and concealar and make your skin healthy.

Judicious use of makeup hides our flaws while highlighting our best features. Perfect makeup should be such that it is hardly visible, yet makes a tantalizing improvement to one’s looks. The golden rule of makeup is “Less is more”.

 The basics of makeup start with application of foundation, concealer and blush in consecutive order.  Accentuation of the lips and eye makeup follow after application of blush.


Tips for application of foundation, concealer and blush:


  1. Apply a primer on the skin first. It helps the foundation spread evenly and last longer.

  2. Use a tinted moisturiser on dry skin before applying foundation.

  3. Use foundation as close to the natural skin shade as possible. Before buying foundation, do a patch test along the jaw line and check in natural lighting.

  4. Use gel foundation on normal to oily skin and powder based foundation on dry skin. Use the tip of the ring finger to apply and spread foundation. Use a fluffy brush to apply powder foundation moving the brush in concentric circles.

  5. If foundation is applied on the neck area, use a makeup sponge to blend in at the jaw area and along the folds of the neck.

  6. Dab an ice cube wrapped in a tea towel all over the face and neck to set the foundation.

  7. Use a concealer at least two shades lighter than the foundation. Use a concealer with yellow tints on the under eye area. A beige coloured concealer makes Indian skin look chalky.

  8. Invest in a good quality mineral based concealer to cover up acne scars and pimples.

  9. Dab a small quantity of concealer on the tip of the ring finger and apply on acne and pimples. Use a lighter concealer for under eye dark circles.

  10. Always blend in the concealer with a clean make up sponge to avoid a chalky effect.

  11. Choose the colour of blush as per the skin type and complexion. Blush with apricot and brown tones suit most Indian skins. Avoid pink based blushes as these colours suit very fair skins only.

  12. Use gel blush for oily skins and powder blush for dry skin. Liquid blushes tend to last longer than powder blushes.

  13. Apply blush along the cheek bones and along the hairline near the forehead on an oval face.

  14. For long face, apply blush on the cheek bones parallel to the temples and along the jaw line.

  15. Those with round face should apply blush along the jawline till the ears and in the shape of a tick mark on a round face.

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