Tips To Fight Acne

Aren’t you just tired of spending your hard earned money on buying ineffective products which can expunge the miseries caused by acne? Why do these products fail to fulfill the hollow promises made in the advertisements? Well, their ploy is pretty simple. These products are inundated with chemicals, which are definitely not good for acne prone skin. They not only fail to provide the desired results but they tend to intensify the condition of acne further, influencing you to buy more costly products for treating the same. If you have a look at the ingredients of the products, it would be hard to decipher its individual functions and their rate of affectivity.  Just because these products are expensive does not vouch for the fact that they will do good to your acne prone skin. There are certain items which are always available in the house and can be great for your acne prone skin too! 


Home Remedies to Fight Acne


Baking Soda to Fight Acne


Baking soda is one item which is always available in the kitchen and it is also quite cheap. Baking soda can be an ideal ingredient for making a great scrub. A good scrub can help you purge the dead cells from the skin. The dead cells help in blocking the open pores found in the skin which in due course of time results in the formation of acne. To make a scrub all you need to do is add a small portion of baking soda with water and apply it on your face, and then you can massage the area of the face for a period of ten minutes. After the completion of the massage wash your face and dry it with a soft towel. To eliminate the development of acne a lot of people have been using apple cider vinegar. If this type of vinegar is not available in your house you can also use the plain vinegar.


Vinegar to Fight Acne


Vinegar is very efficient in destroying the bacteria which are accountable for causing severe acne. While applying vinegar make sure that it is diluted properly with water. If you have an oily skin due to which acne refuses to leave you, then application of vinegar, which reduce the oil content in your face. If you do not want to use vinegar then you can use lemon juice instead of itto pacify acne. Lemon contains citric acid which is very good for exfoliating the skin. Vinegar and lemon juice can prove to be functional in avoiding the formation of acne and it can even fade away the already existing acne on your skin. 


Oatmeal to Fight Acne


Oatmeal can be your favorite breakfast material and now it can be your friend in fighting acne. Oatmeal is beneficial in draining away the excessive oil and contaminates materials and acne forming bacteria from your skin. Just cook the oatmeal, like you do it on a daily basis, and then give it some time to reach the room temperature. After that, simply place it on your skin, in the form of a facial mask. After keeping it for about five minutes, wash it off. You will see the dearth of acne very soon if the above mentioned procedures are followed correctly. These natural treatments are effective if used initially before the acne has spread.


  1.  Use a honey mask to your face twice a week

  2.  Wash you face with acne soap in morning and before going to bed

  3.  Keep your hair away from your face

  4.  Use potent multi-vitamin for your face

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