Top 10 Muscle Foods Required for Growth

Importance of protein in building muscle is well-known by the most people. The stress of weight lifting causes damage of muscle fibers. For these damages human body starts a special repair process, which forces muscle cells to grow. For this growth human body needs amino acid.


Protein can't fulfill the full needs of muscle growth. Energy is lost as muscle glycogen also. So the meal menu needs to add carobs to store muscle glycogen and boost insulin.


So, have to know which foods help to build muscle. Therefore, we researched and explored about the nutrition content of foods which mainly helps to build muscle.


Here are the Top 10 Foods for Muscle Growth


Sweet Potatoes: For building muscle mass and strengthen the process, sweet potato is one of the best food contains large amount of potassium and antioxidants. These are essential to repairing tissue muscles. Peppers, melon, oranges, lettuce also contain a good amount of potassium.


Fish: Fish is one of them. It contains tuna, trout, sardines, salmon and halibut on high percentage. Fish contains a huge percent of amino acids, which builds body muscle. A balance diet always contains sufficient amount of protein. But when concerning about older people they need vitamins also.



Pumpkin Seeds: Minerals like iron, magnesium, copper and manganese need to maintain strong muscle and healthy body. Pumpkin seeds contain minerals. Minerals are working together to increase the endurance of muscles.


Whole Eggs: Another great source of protein is egg. Most nutrients are contains in yolk. Vitamin A, D and E are found from eggs. Testosterone levels are increased for the cholesterol in eggs.


Low Fat Yogurt: Low Fat Yogurt is a cheap, but healthy food. It contains potassium, vitamin D, calcium, high protein etc. This is essential to rebuild muscles and helps to promote strength and growth.


Quinoa: Carbohydrates are important and need to have in diet. Quinoa contains a large amount of carbohydrate. These provide human body a natural source of energy. If you take low amount of carbohydrate, then the protein is used to maintain the source of energy.


Apples: Apples contain a very large amount of antioxidant. It is suggested, eating apple in a regular basis. But you have to selective when buying from a shop, pesticides are sprayed, which is very harmful to your body.


Spinach: Bone and muscle losses are prevented by alkaline foods. Spinach contains good amount of alkaline ingredients. It also contains different types of vitamins. To strengthen muscle tone and build muscle mass spinach should be in diet menu.


Tomatoes: Proper functioning and maintaining your muscle building tomato is essential food. Tomato contains glycogen, which is a protein. Doctors suggest people to eat tomato because it is a cancer prevention type of food. You can eat tomato as a salad ingredient.


Water: As a food item water is not considered. But water is extremely important that you have to supply to your body. Your cell needs a lot of water especially when you exercise or physical work. Also, water contains the minerals as well.

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