Understanding Dry Skin Xerosis


Xerosis is a condition, where one experiences the wrath of dry skin. Although dry skin is not a serious disease, but it makes people very uncomfortable. Dry skin can also help in developing wrinkles.


Causes of Dry Skin


Dry skin is mostly caused by lack of proper skin care and this problem can be corrected. If a person is suffering from very serious skin conditions then a dermatologist should be contacted immediately.


Avoid Cheap Brand Cosmetics



A person on his own can do a lot to improve the condition of his skin. The usual skin care routine should comprise of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin regularly without any fail. And using bad quality soaps should be avoided at all costs. Generally dry skin does not last forever; it prevails for a couple of days. But it entirely depends on person to person.



Symptoms of Dry Skin


The symptoms and severity of dry skin, is primarily influenced by the age of the person and his overall health. Roughness, itching, appearance of red blotches on the skin, peeling and in severe cases, bleeding is also a symptom of dry skin. A doctor must be consulted if the skin condition does not improve despite taking proper care of the skin.


Hypothyroidism As a Cause of Dry Skin


In some cases dry skin is caused by thyroid disorders. Hypothyroidism is a type of thyroid disorder where the production of thyroid hormones is below the required level, which as a result decreases the production level of oil from the oil glands. People who spend a large part of the day in air conditioned rooms also succumb to dry skin.


Dry Skin Due to Winters



Weather in a way is also responsible for dry skin. Winters are especially known to cause dry skin as the temperature reduces along with the level of humidity. When the skin is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays, then a lot of damage is done to the skin. The penetration level of ultraviolet rays is very high and it reaches beneath the upper layer of the skin, which makes the skin saggy in nature and even wrinkles are formed.


Aging and Dry Skin


People who are above the age of sixty five are most likely to contract dry skin and taking a shower more than two times a day, also increases the chances of having dry skin.


Consult a Doctor if Problem Worsens


Eczema and Cellulites develops if the skin is not treated with appropriate care. People suffering from eczema have redness and irritation of skin whereas; folliculitis causes irritation in the follicle of the hair. These type of skin conditions surfaces when the natural functioning of the skin is hampered. At times when the skin gets excessively dry, crack is formed on the surface of the skin, which after sometime starts bleeding and comes in contact with bacteria, which can cause infection. A patient is asked to go through various tests so that the doctor can diagnose the presence of any serious skin problem. To get rid of irritation caused by dry skin a lotion consisting of hydrocortisone should be applied. A good skin care regime proves to be a tremendous source of help, in the fight against dry skin.

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